Relegation Challenge!

  1. Relegation Challenge!

    Just an idea me and my mate started. Start a game of fm, go on holiday untill Febuary the 1st then join the team bottom of the league and try keep them up. I got Birmingham just an idea people may want to try.
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  2. i'll give it a try

  3. It's good even if you go down you can alway try get them back up

  4. just on holiday now, wonder who i will get..

  5. not played FM in months, just got the new patch im giving it a go.

    my first games against Man u at old traf as well

  6. i ended up with man city shud be pretty simple

  7. i keep getting fucked over, its well annoying

    prime exampkle was beating arseanl away 1-0 with 10 men till 87th min when denilson scores his first of the season, its a dubious goal

    i complain in papers next day and it turns out i was right to compalin

  8. finished 20th on 28 points

    my record was

    P 17 w 6 d 4 l7

  9. i got birmingham aswell. i'll play the season out 2nite

  10. i got Wigan i said the wrong side lol and got religated, beat pompey on last game but brum drew and stayed up gonna keep itgoing though

  11. i started a challenge like this but starting from xmas day, got fulham but have gone back to one of me old games

  12. I started from January the 1st and got Birmigham, not a great start lost to United, Arsenal and Fulham but came from behind to beat Everton 2-1 away. Already 10 points from safety so it will be difficult, i'll let you know how i do

  13. Just starting this, have taken over Derby, 14 games to save them, 9 points adrift of safety

  14. screwed

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