Story: Mighty Magyars

  1. Story: Mighty Magyars

    Name: MTK Hungaria FC
    Founded: 1888
    Stadium: Stadion Hidegkuti Nándor
    Stadium Capacity: 12,700
    Based: Budapest, Hungary
    Chairman: László Domonyai
    Manager: József Garami
    2006-07 Position: 2nd


    MTK or MTK Hungaria FC is a football club based in the Eastern European city of Buydapest, Hungary. The club plays its football in the top tier of the Hungarian League alongside Debreceni who regularly appear in the Champions League qualifying stages. The famous team, Ferencvaros play one division below MTK. They boast a impressive roll of honours which include the Hungarian league a massive 22 times and the Hungarian Cup 12 times. They were also the frst Hungarian team to feature in the European Cup, in 1955.

    MTK were founded in the year of 1888. It was decided by the founders that the team wear blue and white, and those colours are still used today. Their first match in public took place in 1901 against BTC and the game ended in a 0-0 draw. The first president was called Alfred Brull, who became the team's most legendary president in 1905 right up until the 1940's. As amateurs, MTK was the most successful team in Hungary until professional football was introduced. 15 of the 22 Hungarian league titles were won before the Second World War.

    In the era of Puskas and co, MTK were taken over by the secret police and changed their name regularly until it came back to MTK. Even though, they were in a period of insecurity, they had a successful decade in footballing terms. From 1940 up to 1950 they won three Hungarian titles, a Hungarian Cup and a Mitropa Cup. They also provided Europe with the first player to ever score a hat-trick in the European Cup, Peter Palotas, as they beat Anderlecht 6-3 in a first round game. The Hungarian national team adopted the same formation as MTK after seeing their success with a 4-2-4 formation.

    As you can see, MTK were a very successful team. I plan to bring back their glory days.

    Update to come...

  2. interesting league to go too

    keep us updated

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