FM 2008 Records

  1. FM 2008 Records

    The records are up

    Please submit your screenshots in this thread.

    If you feel there should be a new category then please suggest it. Just don't suggest winning/unbeaten runs etc.. as they will not be added.

    There is no certain time when records will be updated, fo' sure....but expect it to be at least once a week.

    <center>VIEW THE RECORDS</center>
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  2. Well I may aswell go first and hold first spot for a bit

    these are the only ones i can find at the min

  3. Sean what skin is that? And where'd you get the logos/badges from?

  4. logos and badges are just random ones i found on and the skin is called steklo vista, also from

  5. HoneyMonster
    my pc has crashed over the weekend so i have lost my saved games:irked:

  6. Can there be a record for Shortest time at a Club, I got sacked after 153 days.

  7. Are these actually been done?
    And is AVG. Attendence over a season?

  8. Yes i would say a season, and yes they are being done.

  9. Fastest goal.

  10. Biggest win and Quickest hattrick (Huntelaar)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM 2008 Records-man-utd-13-0.jpg  

  11. Quickest HatTrick sorry Shaun
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM 2008 Records-5-min-hat-trick.jpg  

  12. Quote Originally Posted by shaun_lufc View Post
    Biggest win and Quickest hattrick (Huntelaar)
    You're a Leeds fan and you went Utd? Shocking :o Or were ya AFC Wimbledon

  13. look at the says i were man utd lol

  14. new category

    longest injury time.

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