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7 subs

  1. 7 subs

    hello everyone...i don't know is this topic here or not, if it is i'm sorry...question: on start of the game there's 5 subs...when i'm gonna get 7, or do i gonna get them at all...cheers

  2. have you started in the lower leagues of the English league?

  3. nope...premier division

  4. sounds weird that you cant have 7 subs i suppose you could go in to the editor and i think it comes under nation rules then you can edit sub rules

  5. thats strange... are you sure? post a SS if you can?

    This is Fm12, latest update correct?

  6. I'd think this is FM8, as he asked it in this board.
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  7. hahaha, lol, was going to ask which FM he was on, I knew it could not be any of the latest ones...

    yeah mate, the rules changed after Fm08 or Fm09, nothing besides FMRTE you can use now..

    get a copy of FM12 mate, its like £20

  8. it's fm 2008...i played before and i think after 2. season it 7 subs...thx all...

  9. After a few seasons, I think one, it automatically gives you seven subs. If you can't wait, though, go onto the Editor and edit it (I wouldn't do that, though, as it is sort of cheating)!

    ​- PZW

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