This game is shit fm get it sorted
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  1. This game is shit fm get it sorted

    i was man city playing west ham
    as usual i dominate 1-0 up on all out attack 30 minutes left
    8 shots 5 on target

    20 minutes to go 2-1 w.ham
    2 shots on target, 2 goals LEE BOWYER

    one a 40 yard run with top corner shot
    every 2nd shot the opposition has seems to go in

    any1 else having same problem, happens all the time 2 me i can accept losing jut not in same stupid way all the time


  2. sort ya tactics out you cant expect to win every time just because your man city, play realisticly be a non league team

  3. If you play all out attack all game your gonna get done.

  4. All out attack * for me anyway) is when its the last 10minutes and your 2 goals down and you may aswell just go for it. A whole game thou...

  5. Agreed - its your tactics not the game

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    i dunno though this game does seem pretty ridiculous sometimes like i play a lot of championship teams and the amount of times some awful DM dicks my whole team and blasts it in the top corner from 20 yards and i lose 1-0 when they have 1 shot on target and all my players with 19 finishing cant put away from about ten one on ones. it does seem raaaaaaaaaather biased against me too many times for it to just be coincidence

  7. are you joking mate? your playing all out attack, of course you losing all the time.

  8. why cant you accept the fact that this game is a good representation of football today. Sometimes strikers dont score, championship teams beat premiership teams, thats football.

  9. exactly torquay united (BSP) beat blackpool, and should outplayed coventry, 2 championships sides outplayed by conference teams thats how football is

  10. I was Newcastle and got beat by West Brom 4 - 1 - they only had ONE shot all game and that was a penalty, 2 of em were own goals and the 4th went straight in off a corner, I'd had 62% possesion 26 shots, 17 on target, hit woodwork 4 times & 2 goals ruled out for offside!!! Glad it never happened on my laptop otherwise that would've gone straight out the window!!!

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