Weird/Funny names...
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  1. Weird/Funny names...

    Tell us some Weird or Funny footballers names that made u laugh.
    ex: Socratis Papastathopoulos,Per Krøldrup (lol)

  2. kuntz used to play in the german national side

  3. The two players called Garibaldi I find quite amusing.

  4. Was a chinese regen in my fm 08 game called Tzu Zan(Susan)

  5. Liverpool FC I'm back..
    there was a chinense regen called duk muk cuk

  6. Oh Bum-Seok and a regen called Long Thang Dong

    Rangers First Team
    Billy Joe King - Joe King [Joking]

  8. daniel drinkwater manchester united under 18's or reserves lol

  9. Tonas579's Avatar Tonas579
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    • Newcastle United

      Into Season 8: Premiership wins: 5, Carling Cup wins: 6, FA Cup wins: 6, Super Cup wins: 4, Community Shield wins: 6. Champions league wins: 3,Club World Championship wins: 3, Confederations cup wins: 1
    Newcastle United First Team
    Haha, i'd of been signing all of these.

  10. regen of (agent) dale cooper, twins peaks fan will know what i mean. his stats were poor tho

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