Poll: How far on FM has your year on your date reached?

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Furthest Date you have ever reached on FM?

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    Furthest Date On FM?? *Download Year 2207 Now!!*

    Year 2207 available to download!!!

    Just wondering how far some of you guys have got on the Football Managers 08 and 09. I never thought many people could of done at most 50 years until, i found this picture.

    Furthest Date you have ever reached on FM?-prem2207kj3.jpg

    Furthest Date you have ever reached on FM?-champ2207dm6.jpg

    League 1:
    Furthest Date you have ever reached on FM?-leagueone2207sv4.jpg

    More Information:

    After 200 years, things have changed quite a bit. Here is some information to help you choose a team:

    Money in the bank:
    Portsmouth: 211M
    York: 116M
    Southend: 111M
    Farsley: 67M
    Newcastle: 65M
    Swindon: 56M

    Transfer Budget:
    Portsmouth: 150M
    Southend: 103M
    York: 87M
    Newcastle: 57M
    Swindon: 49M
    Birmingham: 45M
    Newport County: 44M

    Wage Budget:
    Portsmouth: 1.97M
    Newcastle: 1.67M
    Southend: 1.65M

    Stadium Capacities:
    West Ham: 100,000
    Liverpool: 98,704
    Swansea: 98,178
    Manchester United: 95,654
    Manchester City: 94,711
    Portsmouth: 89,045
    Bolton: 84,049
    Leicester: 82,071
    Charlton: 79,203
    Blackburn: 78,844
    Arsenal: 76,220
    Birmingham: 72,434
    Sheffield United: 72,372
    Brentford: 71,613
    Leeds: 69,296
    Southend: 67,335
    York: 65,432
    Swindon: 60,177

    Last Champions League Win: 2155

    Manchester United


    League 1:
    Aston Villa
    Manchester City
    West Ham

    League 2:


    Falls from grace:
    West Ham
    Sheffield United

    Good Challenge:
    Hendon (They made a great effort at dafuge's Challenge, but could never make it to the Premiership. They are back in the Blue Square Premier, so they are waiting for you to finish the job.

    Download FM 2008 Year 2207 Here!
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  2. man city, everton,villa and west ham all in league one!
    they must have been on holiday the whole time but would still take ages

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    I know i would get EXTREMELY Bored.

  4. im sure theres a thread about this, but mines forest i got to 2013/14 i think

  5. ive got to about 2020 btw
    do you have any pics of other leagues?

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    think ive found it but this was for fm 2008

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    Nope sorry.

  7. 2015+

    Lol at 2200+

    I get the feeling we'll be playing space-ball or something at that point.

  8. Luke 797
    it is this guy who did that

  9. Quote Originally Posted by robson.musgrave.95 View Post
    Luke 797
    it is this guy who did that
    ????? i didnt do it but found the link on a man united forum of the guy who did when googling it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Billy Redrup View Post

    Lol at 2200+

    I get the feeling we'll be playing space-ball or something at that point.
    Sam Allardyce's teams already do.

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