fm.exe - Application Error
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  1. fm.exe - Application Error

    hi lads first time poster here, got fm09 yesterday and trying to install it but keep getting this message, can anyone help me please?

    the application failed to initilize properly (0xoc0150002). click on ok to terminate the program.

    can someone please help me out?
    much appreciated.......

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    Your graphics card isn't good enough by the sounds of it. You should get a new graphics card.

  3. my laptop is newish enough so i thought it should work ok, anyone else have any idea what could be wrong? suggestions greatly appreciated

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    have that downloaded and still nothing. arghhh im tearing my hair out. what was that file meant to have done?
    appreciate the help lads thanks again

  5. that thing u recommended for me sean got me a bit further alright, i got as far as entering my keycode which i did successfully then all of a sudden....CRASH, and it wont load. fm.exe failed?????

  6. Have you restarted since downloading and installing the file above?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Have you restarted since downloading and installing the file above?
    ye i have alright, i got a bit further but its still not working for me.
    it attempts to load then a box appears.......

    fm.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvinience.
    if u were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.
    please tell microsoft about this problem.
    we have created an error report that u can send us. we will treat this report as confidential and anonymous.
    to see what data this error report contains click here......

    etc etc......

    any ideas sean or anyone else?
    sorry if im doing your heads in

  8. any ideas?

  9. please can someone help me out? i'm desperate..............

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