EU Allstars: Eins Continente

  1. EU Allstars: Eins Continente

    Cheers to Andymcg44 for all his hard work. He has made my kits my badge and has also inspired me to do this story.



    I have made a Db where some of the best players from the EU have joined together to make the elite team. They will be battling it out in the Premier Division. Our Chairman is Roman Abramovich. They don't have all the best players in the EU but do have players like Villa, Gerrard and Puyol.


    Breaking News

    All around the EU there was a sence of happyness. The EU had become one team and that team was European Allstars. The players, kits and badges have been decided and hopefully the EU players will not let the people down. FIFA have told us they will be competing in the English Premier Division. Against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester UTD, Arsenal and Liverpool. Although the European Allstars had some of the Premier teams players it was still going to be a hard test.

    Now one nows who the manager is going to be, some say Mourinho others say Gurdiola and some people want Capello. All we have got out of the board room is "This will be his first job".

    Burnley have been taken out of the premier league to and to replace them was European Allstars. FIFA came to a deal with Burnley and was given 100 million in compensation. Burnley will probaly never play football again.

    And guess who the manager is?

    You will have to wait and see for know its a mistory to us.
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  2. V. interesting, what are your subs and reserves like, or will you need to sign them all.

    I'll follow.

  3. I have a couple of reserves I will post them later.

  4. sounds good mate. You still doing the nice story?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by burkeyoa View Post
    sounds good mate. You still doing the nice story?
    Yes I am still doing it I am doing what Paul Wang has done I am going to update this then update my Nice story hopefully.

  6. KingEric Is The One

    WOW not many people really thought this was going to happen. Obviously France was happy they parrtied all night. Eric Cantona was brought in four hours after the club have combined. He said to everyone "I am happy they have gave me the job". He also said "When do we play Manchester United" That made people laugh. He also said he wanted a French player in the team. Now one nows why he requested a French player. He has also brough in his own set of backroom staff.

    Alose Asanovic-Asst Mgr

    The Croatian is Eric's right hand man and they have both plans for the future with this team.

    Stewart Houstan-Coach

    Tony MacAndrew-Coach

    Paul McGuinness-Coach

    Brian Eastick-Coach

    Tony Carr-Coach

    Vincent Del Bosque-Coach

    Tony Colbert-Coach

    New Kits 2009/2010

    Name:  home.png
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Size:  23.6 KB Name:  away.png
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    Eric Cantona called up some of his friends from Addidas and they have managed to pruduce him a lovely home kit and away kit. MacDonalds will be the sponser and Addidas will be the manufacturer.
    (Big Thanks to Andy)

    The Badge

    Name:  EU normal.png
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    It was a shock to us that Nike created the badge that the EU stars will use. IT came to a shock that they would even have a badge. It contends of the EU continent also has stars and has the EU Football Federation.
    (Big Thanks Andy)


    Thats it for know I have not made transfers and Pre-season will be updated when I have time cheers for following more updates in a couple of days.

  7. Europe is definitely the best league in the world ;-) i have bookmarked this, sounds intresting. hope to see more updates. i live in the usa now but born and raised in germany, and being european as well i think your our "our" league should have ,cdonalds. living in america i can say the north american team should have had mcdonalds

  8. Well yes but I just wanted a sponser. I have night off tonight from work so I will update.

  9. Wtf

    EU Allstars: Eins Continente-football-manager-2010.png

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