The Unlikely Hero

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    The Unlikely Hero

    He Is Here

    Karl Robinson gains his full coaching badges after retiring from international duty for England. Karl Robinson instantly put himself onto the market to becoming a manager of any top flight team.

    Birmingham Sack McLeish

    After a poor start to the season, Alex McLeish has been fired from the managerial position at Birmingham City FC. Carson Yeung took time out of his schedule to state that, "Alex wasn't living up to expectations leaving Birmingham City lying in the 18th position in the league".

    Word is that favorites for the job are among, Alan Shearer, Dave Jones, Javier Clemente and Willem van Hanegem.

    Birmingham Have A New Man At The Helm

    Birmingham City FC have signed young manager, Karl Robinson to take the position of manager for Birmingham City, giving him until the end of the season to prove his worth to the club.

    Karl Robinson instantly had this to say about the job, " Taking the job at Birmingham City is a good decision for me and for Carson Yeung for accepting, this allows me freedom to travel home to visit family and friends while managing the famous club; my first goal is to establish Birmingham back into the league and gain a lead on opposition in the battle against relegation."

    Fans After Jones' Head

    After revealing that he wanted the Birmingham City job, fans of favorite, Dave Jones are after his head for wanting to leave Cardiff City. Birmingham City's new boy, Karl Robinson took time to state to the media and Cardiff City fans that they can be proud to have a manager like, Dave Jones at the helm. Dave returned the favor later in the day saying that, Birmingham City can be proud of Karl Robinson.


    All transfers occurred during McLeish's tenure at Birmingham City FC.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Jumping Straight In

    Wolves 1 - 2 Birmingham City

    Line Ups

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    Transfer Signings

    Already a few days into the job and Karl Robinson is using the cash at hand to purchase 2 new superstars to shine in the second city. The first official signing is that of Celtic star, Joe Ledley.

    Joe Ledley

    Borja Oubina

    The second official signing for the second city was that of Celta star, Borja Oubina. Borja Oubina is said to be a great signing for Birmingham City and Karl Robinson can't wait to train the star.

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    Defeat for The Blues

    Birmingham City suffered a home defeat to Stoke City in which is Karl Robinson's second game in charge. Instantly placing Brunt on the left of midfield he looked for a great result as Jerome and Zigic also topped the front of the team.

    Roger Johnson and Cameron Jerome were the only goal scorers during the 4 - 2 defeat. While Liam Lawrence got himself on the score sheet twice for Stoke City, the other two scorers were Sidibe and Etherington.

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    Staff Ins & Outs

    Instantly making a new change in the Birmingham City structure, Karl Robinson mutually let Will Geddes, David Watson, Andy Killinis, John Brierley and Malky Thompson. He then signed staff members, Brian Eastick, Stewart Houston, Rob Walker, Glan Letheren, Petter Rudi, Paul Winsper, Phil Walker, Jozef Mlynarczyk, Tony Daley and Tony Roberts.

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    Good start

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    Two More Defeats For The New Boy

    There is two more defeats for Karl Robinson as he loses only by one goal at home against Manchester United, but plummets to a low when he loses 4 - 1 away to Tottenham. Fans are criticizing the purchase of Craig Gardner which was a transfer to occur during the McLeish reign. Karl Robinson is said to be looking to offload the player as a local Birmingham newspaper claims.

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    10 > 8

    Ten is always seemingly better than nine and it was proved when 10 Man, Birmingham City defeated Sunderland who went down to end the match with only 8 men on the field. Birmingham City weren't the favorites for this clash but they seemed to have won the match under a great strategy from manager, Karl Robinson. Cameron Jerome and James McFadden looked to be the favorite Blues fans as Birmingham go one place above the relegation zone.

  4. Come On You Blues !!!!!!!!!

    Nice start mate

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    2 And Up

    After 2 lowly defeats to top teams, Chelsea and Liverpool. Chelsea winning 2 - 1 and Liverpool winning 3 - 0, Birmingham City then bought up their form to beat Wigan Athletic in a 2 - 0 win. Just a few days before the transfer window re-opens. Karl Robinson says that he can't wait for his new signings to come to St Andrews. Karl Robinson also says that he is looking to sell a few players during the window not stating who he is looking to sell.

    Karl Robinson so far is seemed to be looked upon as the "Second City Saint" from Birmingham City Fans. Birmingham have now raised themselves to 15th in the league, Karl Robinson is looking to gain a lead in the race and to then reach a comfortable Mid-Table Position.

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    FA Cup Fail then Second City Win

    After a fail in the FA Cup against Doncaster Rovers, Karl Robinson had lead his team to victory against Aston Villa in what is billed the Second City Derby. Karl Robinson is said to be pleased with his win against Aston Villa and gives praise towards their manager, Martin O'Neil. Karl Robinson's team won 5 - 3 and having the match end with 9 players on the pitch.

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      Another phenominal update there LFC! Simply outstanding, and by far the most complete and comprehensive update on the web today! I think I speak on behalf of everyone on this forum, when I say a huge thank you for this!
    Good start matey btu what database are you using was just wondering if it was mine .?

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    The Fall Before The Rise

    After a loss against West Bromwich Albion, The "Second City Saint" Karl Robinson bounced back with a win against relegation battlers, Blackpool and then got the same scoreline against Blackburn who were lying 12th in the English Premier League. Karl Robinson is looking to keep the form running as he gets set to face Arsenal on a match that will be televised.

    Karl Robinson also had praise for Zigic who has been working his magic at the front of goal while also working mind-games on the managers before the matches.

  8. Great start mate and good luck

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    I'm still following Good luck!

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    2 Goals of the Month and 3rd Place Manager of the Month

    Not a bad start for Karl Robinson in the Birmingham City managers role. Cameron Jerome scored both 1st and 2nd in the Goal of the Month for 2 of his 4 goals against Aston Villa on the 9th January 2010. Birmingham City Manager, Karl Robinson had this to say about both achievements. "Both myself, Cameron and the Birmingham City squad are pleased with the awards that were handed to us from the month of January."

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    Two Unsuccessful Matches

    Going against the 1st and 2nd Teams in the league is a tough challenge especially when you are in the relegation battle; But Birmingham City proved that they are a tough challenge as the only lost 2 - 1 to Arsenal and then traveled to Eastlands only losing 1 - 0 against the current number 1 team, Manchester City.

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    5 Defeats and a Draw

    Karl Robinson's team look to be losing their form on the pitch as they lose 3 games on the trot before drawing against Everton and then went back to losing ways two matches on the trot. Birmingham City had recently got Ben Foster back off an injury for the match against West Ham but couldn't handle the pressure.

    He is looking to bounce back with a few wins and draws in the upcoming matches and to remain out of the relegation zone.

    The next set of matches are

    Tottenham (Home)
    Wolves (Home)
    Stoke (Away)
    Man Utd (Away)
    Sunderland (Home)
    Chelsea (Away)
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  11. This is a really great story. Likin the layout. Have you installed some recent update to include this seasons transfers?

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    King Keane

    After a late comeback by Birmingham City in the second half, Tottenham Hotspur quickly made a run for it as the scored in the last minutes of the game, Roman Pavlyuchenko getting the last goal of the game to seal a victory for Spurs. Birmingham City now lie one place above the relegation zone.

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    Going Down Down Down

    Blackpool face relegation only picking up 13 points in a disappointing Premier League challenge. Ian Holloway is still in charge of the team, but for how long. Birmingham City Manager, Karl Robinson had this to say about Blackpool's relegation.

    "Well its a tough challenge for any team coming straight out of the Championship for the first time and battling amongst some of the greatest teams in the world, with the likes of Drogba, Rooney, Torres and co. playing against you its going to be a tough challenge to score points."

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    How Do You Get Up From An All Time Low

    A shock defeat against Wolves and then a defeat where Zigic got a consilation goal against Manchester United puts pressure on Karl Robinson who's team lies 19th in the English Premier League facing tougher challenges. Karl Robinson is set to face Sunderland and then Chelsea hoping to stay up.

    Karl Robinson has also been offered a new contract from Birmingham delaying the decision for a week hoping to pick up a win against Sunderland before deciding about his future.

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    Loss and Relegation, Zigic Going?

    After losing by one goal against Sunderland, Birmingham City have been relegated into the N-Power Championship. After the match, Zigic approached manager, Karl Robinson asking him for a transfer as he don't think that it will work good for his career playing in a higher league.

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    Gunners Win

    Arsenal win the English Premier League, many looked down on Arsene Wenger's management saying that he had no chance of winning the title again but he pipped the post above Manchester United at 2nd and Chelsea at 3rd.

    The relegated teams were Blackpool, Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Birmingham City look to bounce back up into the Premier League as Karl Robinson signed a new deal leading him into 2014 with "The Blues".

    Cameron Jerome won the English Premier Division Goal of the Season for his goal against Aston Villa which won him the Goal of the Month before.
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  13. Unlucky mate. I'm sure you'll bounce back soon though

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    Friendly But Not So Friendly

    After finding out that the job at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are nearly up for grabs, recently relegated Birmingham City's manager, Karl Robinson admitted that he is interested in signing for one of the clubs to help them to fortune next season not so long after signing his recent contract.

    Also Karl Robinson set up friendly matches for his Birmingham side which he is looking to change for the Championship. To start he is going on tour of France not travelling to far to get his team ready, the matches are against, Stade Rennais, RC Lens, AS Cannes and Nimes Olympique. He then has to travel back to the UK to face Manchester United Reserves before a trip to face Newcastle United ending their pre-season.

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    Juventus have announced a link with Birmingham City. This allows Juventus to send players on loan paying for the contract of the player and Birmingham don't have to play that player. They also have first bid for Birmingham players and have to annually pay them a fee.

    Birmingham also cancel their link with Worcester while boss Karl Robinson has also accepted a friendly proposal from West Bromwich Albion for their last friendly.

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    Pre Season Review


    The tour of France started out with a loss to Stade Rennais. After this Karl Robinson pulled his team arund to beat RC Lens with four goals to nothing. He then saw his team score a victorious 7 - 1 win against AS Cannes and then won 5 - 3 against Nimes Olympique. He then suffered a draw against Manchester United reserves and then two defeats in a row against Newcastle United and then West Brom.


    Carlo Cudicini and Hilario were both signed in a goalkeeper position replacing Maik Taylor and Colin Doyle. Maik moved to West Brom for 12k while Colin moved to Parma for 85k. Sidi Keita moved into the second city from RC Lens. Ameobi moved also from Newcastle to Birmingham, while former Liverpool player, Luis Garcia also moved to Birmingham. Fredrik Stoor was the final signing so far for Karl Robinson. Stephen Carr has moved to German side Koln, also moving to Germany was Nesmachnyi.

    Lee Bowyer was the first transfer out moving to Sunderland. Michel also signed to West Brom from Birmingham. Sam Hutchinson moved on loan to N-Power League 1 side, Crystal Palace. Thiago Gosling and Marcus Bent were among a few players under the axe being given a free transfer from Birmingham City.

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  15. You carrying on with this story? Its bin good so far...

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