The Mists of North London - The End
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  1. The Mists of North London - The End

    June 30th, 2009

    "Ahhh, I walk past her everyday, going to collect my small wage as a semi-professional player. Infact as it is my only job, I get payed benifits. I have to go out, even when it is frezzing. Sometimes I watch the players jog past. Somtimes, I don't."

    It had been a few weeks since I started getting benched. I was dismal. Every week I have to get up early, do a pre-match match warmup. Train hard, and get repaid with a place on the bench. 7 weeks it has been now. I was starting to get fed up.


    I needed a new job. One better than this.
    "I love football so it had to be a job involed around the game. If I can manage my son's old Sunday League team, surely I can pass a coaching coarse with the F.A?"

    I agreed with myself that on the way back, I would stop at the Library for the free computer use, to look at coaching jobs in and around the area.

    I saw this:

    Barnet F.C. Looking For Local Coach

    Barnet F.C. are looking for a local coach, from the area to take up a coaching job as the teams second coach on a fantastic £650 per-week. With the club offering this kind of money, we expect you to come on time to everything, and have a level 2 coaching.

    If you have any managerial experience, that is welcomed.

    Then it had some other things, that I don't want to share on the web, unless someone tries to hijack my idea.

    You can guess what I thought.
    I rushed to my mum's house. She was great at English, so I told her I need to write an application. I added in that she was so intteligent, she could get me the job single-handedly. So she accused me of being lazy, but I reassured her to write this for me.

    July 1st, 2009

    12:00pm: I rushed to my mum's house to add in the final details, then went to the post office, to get it delivered first class.
    It cost extra but it better be worth it.

    July 7nd, 2009

    The post came.

    "I bet it is to me saying I have got the job!!!"

    I let my hopes raise too soon. I opened the letter sent from Barnet F.C. I read:

    Dear Mr. Creighton,

    We are delighted to hear that you aplied for the job. Unfortunatley, we took someone else onboard. We are sorry to break the news to you like this.

    Luckily enough our previous coach had moved on, and the person we hired, didn't wan't to take the job. So you have been officially approached by the club.

    Team: Barnet F.C.
    Wage: £750 per-week.

    I screamed with enjoyment. 36, and hired at Barnet. What a dream!

    Although, I still had to do an Interview...

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    For the tittle:

    If Barcelona were in L2..., they would be like my Barnet.
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  2. Great OP. will follow and see where this ends up

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    Goooood luck!

  4. Lol I thought you had actually put barca in League 2. That would be a bit rubbish so this is better

  5. I actually thought this was some sort of thread about what you did when you put Barcelona on League 2 but this is 10x better.

    Love the OP, got me reading and I got caught into it.

  6. July 10th, 2009

    Today, I got on the bus, to go to my interview at the club lodge.
    They were really nice there, and were happy, I was not some fat, old, balding guy. We went into a room where there were the most important people at the club. It was kind of scary being here. I had never entered a place like this.
    The room was dimly lit. It was all brown with leather seats.
    Everybody was chatting, except me. I didn't know anybdy ;(

    Suddenly, the Chairman Tony Kleanthous walked in with a thud.

    Everyone was suddenly quiet.
    "What am I doing here." I mumbled to myself.

    However he looked at me in an approving way, witch made me 100% commited to do well for the club.


    Long story short, I signed the contract, then went to meet the players at 16:00.
    They welcomed me to the club, in a great way witch made my heart warm.
    I knew this was my dream job, and the club for me, who I half supported because of my area.

    July 11th, 2009

    Today was my first training session at the club. I properly met the players, and got to know their personalities, aswell as who was good, and who was bad.

    The club haad no signings, and nobody wanted to leave with such a high spirit on at the club.


    When I got back home, I had a letter in the post. The beggining was about clamping down on benifit fraud.

    "Oh crap." I thought.

    I just remembered I didn't cancel my benifits. I was in big trouble.

    I was too scared to open the letter, but I had 24 hours. Yesterday!
    Then there was a bang on the door saying "POLICE, OPEN UP!"

    I walked in shame to the door.
    Opened it to violent banging. They said i'm under arrest for benifit fraud.

    "A tear came down my eye. Had i ruinened my job, after the first day?!?"

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    Thanks for all your support guys.

    There will be a shock soon.

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    July 12th, 2009

    I woke up in a Police cell.
    When the officer saw I was awake, he told me "You have been released on bail, expect a hefty fine though."

    Embaresingly, my mum collected me from the Police station.
    She was mad at me, and started going on about, how she helps me, then ends up paying for my bail. She wouldn't be suprised if I got the sack.


    I had to go to training. I secretly did not tell the members of staff, that I had been arrested, and had a court case tomorrow.
    I was building a great relationship with the players. They were loving my new routines.

    Today, the Manager had let one of the kids in the Under 18's take part in the session.
    After he came to me in private to state that this was one of his best training sessions ever.

    That made me delighted. I was doing my job properly, but may lose it tommorow.

    July 13th, 2009

    Today I went to court.
    I was a compleate wreck, and I knew I would lose.

    You don't want to get board from the story, so basically:

    I have to pay back all the benefits, I could of illegally claimed. Plus a £2,500 fine. With additional costs, it comes up to around £3,200.
    It was due in next wednesday.

    "I don't have that kind of money."

    I had to request that the chairman would pay for me, and I would have to pay 25% of my wages until the debt was played back. With 5% interest.

    "This guy knows his money"

    He accepted.

    He invited me to a staff drink at the pub tonite...

  7. hmmm inresting i definetly will be following the police bit got me stuck in

  8. Definetely following this. I wonder if there's some sort of suscribe tool on this site.

  9. There is a subscribe tool, but you get updates by email.

  10. Brilliant story so far, but I laughed when you said, "I added in that she was so intteligent". Oh, the irony.

  11. July 14th, 2009

    Barnet F.C. Manager Mark Stimson has been sacked from the job, after a bust up in the pub, with fellow staff from the club.

    He reportedly punched the chairman in the face when he ablertantly anounced that he was unhappy about he was running the club.
    They were both drunk.

    Sky Sports understand new coach Josh Creighton will be the clubs new caretaker manager. This has come as a shock to the public who thought the long serving reserve manager should have taken the job.
    But in an interview he said he rejected the offer, as he wouldn't like that much work pressure over him.

    Creighton has impressed in his week at the club, so they thought it was nessercary to give him the position.
    We have not been able to get an interview with him, yet but it should be on the website soon.

    Yesssssssssssssssssss! I said it the top of my voice when I got offered the job. I was tottally confused about how I got the job over the assistant, and reserve manager.
    It is only a temporary job, for the first three league matches of the season. But it was still a great feat, plus I can pay off my debt quicker.


    The fans are not too pleased, as they don't know me, but in an interview with the captain he said "On behalf of the whole team, I would like to let you know Creighton is a great coach, and we have alot of respect for him at the club."

    The training session went really well. however it got interupted when I got a message about the chairman being angry and wanting too see me immediatly....
    Something to do with the FA.

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    July 14th, 2009

    ...I slowly walked into the Chairman's office, fully knowing what to expect. I mean, he told me to go to the FA about the Benefit Fraud. Simply enough: I didn't. Plus now with the previous managers "Issue" we were stuffed.
    Also the Police alerted the FA about me so...

    He shouted at me as loud as he could: "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO TELL THE BLOODY F.A. - WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU DONT. NOW WE HAVE THREAD OF POINT DEDUCTION. WITH THE CLUB FACING RELEGA - I can't even say it. We are expected to get relegated, now point deduction!"

    I was trying to hold in the tears. We could only hope for what would happen. Maybe a transfer ban.

    That reminded me, I better get in these signings.


    I did not control pre-season, so I will not post that.

    But I have offered contracts and made loan bids for players.

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    July 17th, 2009

    I have been in talks with agents, sent my scouts around. Been to some places, however in the end we came up with 10 signings.

    These were massive for the club, and I hope the next manager will really make an impact, as I am going to have fun coaching them.

    We managed to sign:

    Pavol Suhaj - Free

    Lars Stubhaurg - Free

    Luka Senincanin - free

    Kieran Cadogan - Loan

    Antonia German - Loan

    Kyle Hendry - Loan

    Eddie Johnson - 10k

    Christian Gyan - Free

    Karsten Jonasen - Free

    Nicolás Mazzina - Free

    Luka Senincanin

    Karsten Johasen

    Christian Gyan


    The chairman was happy with the signings but was still mad at me for forgetting.
    We are awaiting out future.

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    Abblertantly? Wtf does that mean?
    Anyways, looks good so far, Good luck.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Joss View Post
    Abblertantly? Wtf does that mean?
    Anyways, looks good so far, Good luck.
    I spelt it wrong

    Anyway, more update tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the support. More updates tonite.

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    Looks great so far mate,keep going and yeah I will definetly follow ofcourse

  15. Lol, nice way to intoduce the point reduction.

  16. July 18th, 2009

    With all my signings in, I went to training fearing for my job.
    I went to introduce the new players to the team. The players welcomed most of the players, and were deleghted we snapped up ex-feynoord star. They have really got on with Luka Senicanin, who has a sharp eye for goal, and a good finishing technique.
    Unfortunately they semmed to have left out Pavol Suhaj, whom they think has "past it" and should not be played ahead of the rest of the team. He failed at Crewe, and should not be a part of English football. He came to the dressing room with 3 ladies by his side ("player"). The players and fans are not too confident. He is not as good as the young loan stars.


    Today we played a local training friendly against Enfield Town. It was at our Training Stadium, with a field, the few fans could watch from the byline.

    I tried out 3 formations, playing 32 players all together. The new signings were bigging to gel, and were welcomed. it was 4-3 at 72 mins, when I changed my tactic. It was going well, and in the 87th min, Pavol Suhaj got past the ball. A great run down the wing by Luka Senicanin, who drew the keeper out, but chipped it to him. Suhaj eyed up the ball and smacked into the top corner.

    Of the stand. - Well if there was one.

    It looked like it was going to be a draw. I subbed him off for Antonio German, who scored an absolute screamer from 28 yards. We were winning 5-3. They scored a cheat penalty in 91 mins, but it had no effect on the game. We had one the match!


    19:30: I arrived home to recieve a hand written letter in the post. It was from the Chairman.
    We had to go to a meeting with the FA to find out and discuss our - well I don't know what it is. Maybe point reduction, maybe a fine, maybe instant relegation? Okay worst case senario but still.

    It was for tomorrow at 13:00.

    "Ah man, i've surely lost my job. I ruined the club, and I haven't even played one game yet. After I finish my temporary job as caretaker, I may aswell look for a new one?"

    I thought about contacting the FA by phone, but I might as well ask in private after the meeting for new jobs available?

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    "Now an important message: Barnet F.C. staff, have been asked to atend an interview with the F.A. today at 13:00. We will be interviewing the FA and the Barnet manager over the recent affairs taking place. We believe this is going to result badly for the team and new caretaker manager Josh Creighton."


    July 19th, 2009

    12:45pm - I arrived off the train at 12:35. It took me ten minutes to get her, but I saw the chairman, and had to avoid him, taking a longer route.
    We got invited to sit in the lounge, while everyone got ready.

    We all sat down in a room overlooking Wemberly Stadium. The guy looked over at me.

    What was his name again? Oh yeah. Lord Triesman.

    He said: "We all know about recent affairs, so there is no need to go into them. After discussing with the Police, Members of the FA and Football league, we have come to a conclusion about what is going to happen. You will be deducted 9 points from the league table if you fail to pay a £75,000 fine by Friday 7th August, 2009. The fine needs to be paid in cash. No execptions. However we have taken into account that the club is over it's wage budget. The chairman of your club will owe us the debt, if he fails to pay by the dedline. If you have any questions, you are free to ask."

    We were all silent. just sitting there in the room, waiting to be kicked out. I just wanted it over, so I could talk to one of the guys who wanted to give us a 'Formal Warning' to find myself a new job.


    13:45 - I stayed around for about 10 mins to talk to the guy.
    I found him, but he was talking to Triesman. I waited around the corner, and stopped him as he walked past.

    I asked him if there were any jobs available. He laughed in my face. Then said I can check it out, but I think there are one up in Hereford, Burton and Daghanam and Redbridge. Also the Assitant manager job at Leeds.

    I told him, I would put in some applications, and said "Thanks for your help"

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    July 20th,2009

    I phoned in sick today. I had a cold, and could not face the players knowing about everthing, so I decided against going to work.

    I lay down, and snuggled under my covvers.It was 09:00. Plenty of time to sleep.
    I dreamed about Barnet playing in the luscious Champions league Final. Our squad was against the best players in the world. We were all geard up for the match.
    I skipped most of it, untill I lifted the cup myself aloft my head. All the fans cheered for me, I was really happy, and kissed it. It was "A dream not come true."

    I awoke to a thud on the door. I checked my watch. It was only 11:00. How could I of slept for 2 hours? Then I turned on my new* freeview. The date was July 23rd. I must have came down with serious flu.

    Anyway, the front door knocked, so I awnsered. It was my new mate Bille, the youth coach. He rushed in jokily, asking if I was alright and things like everyone thought I was on drugs ect.
    I told him I slept for 2 days strait, only waking up for short pee breaks. He cut me in the middle of my scentence obviously not interested in what I had to say. "Great news, after the chairman paid the fine to the FA, the members of the board sacked him for poor handleing of club affairs. Everyone is delighted, as we have a new chairman trying to buy the club.

    "Fantastic!" I thought to myself. We have a new chairman, so I will try to stay at the club.

    Too late to turn down my other applications now.

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  17. Looking good mate

  18. Quote Originally Posted by joel-lfc View Post
    Looking good mate
    Did you even read it?

    If so, it's not looking good actually.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by The Shots View Post
    Did you even read it?

    If so, it's not looking good actually.
    Jeez, he's complimenting your story, lighten up.

    Maybe proof read to remove some mistakes in spelling and grammar. And what does 'lucurios' mean?

    It's a good idea for a story though, I'll give you credit for that!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by rnixon View Post
    Jeez, he's complimenting your story, lighten up.

    Maybe proof read to remove some mistakes in spelling and grammar. And what does 'lucurios' mean?

    It's a good idea for a story though, I'll give you credit for that!

    I appreciate the comment from him, but if you comment, I expect you to have read some of the story.

  21. Good luck mate, will be following

  22. Great writing mate. You have me interested

  23. After writing the next post 3 times, and my internet getting messed up. I can't be bothered to write the same thing again. Sorry, and more updates tommorrow.

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    August 8th, 2009

    The big match was approaching, All eyes on me. The pressure was on, we had to win this match against Lincoln.

    I am trying out my tactic that we have used in training for the past week. I am confident in the players to see what they can do.

    This was my first experience in the Barnet dressing room. Everyone was changed and looking up at me. The team knew who they were. Even the subs seemed pretty confident. I told the players:

    "I have three matches here, then I stay, or go to Leeds. You have to prove to me to stay. We need a win. I expect nothing less.

    We marched onto the field to an estimated crowd of 5,000. Still needing the result, the Fans boomed out with frantic cheers, which made me want to stay at the club.

    We were playing a 4-3-3. The ref's whistle blew, and we got strait into the action.
    As a shot skimmed the post, the crowd started chanting my name. Yes really!

    We got a really bad penalty, but Micah Hyde stepped up to the challenge. The pressure was all on him to get a result. He smacked the ball into the top corner, and the sound from the fans was amazing.

    I was speechless for the team talk, as I pictured us loosing, and had a speech for that. My assistant took it over.

    In the 57th minute, they clawed a goal, wich made it level.

    It got to the last minute, when I heard boo's from the crowd. They were dissapointed the team failed to put away their chances. I decided to shout out, and encorage the players.
    Just before the ref indicated the 2 mins of extra time, Kyle Hendry scored the winner!

    The feeling was unexplainable. We had won our first match!
    I can't wait for the next one now.


  24. JamieReed24
    Nice story mate, a good read and very descriptive but can i say one thing, hope you dont take offence its just i've noticed it more than once and its really annoying me haha. "strait" is spelt straight im sure . Sorry but i had to mention it, other than that, nice story!

  25. August 10th, 2009

    We have had a wonderful time in training, but the Leeds offer was too good to turn down.
    I went to the Chairman, and he tried to bribe me, saying if we win our next match, he will offer me the full-time job. This could only get better.
    However, I had to make up my mind between Assistant at Leeds and Manager of Barnet.


    We got a free ticket to the Community Sheild match. Man Utd Vs Pompey.
    It was a fiarly dull match, but I have never been to Wembly so the experience was great!
    Maybe next season we will win The 'Paint cup and go?

    August 11th, 2009

    This was the big match. I said, simply:

    "Get a win, and I will stay at the job"

    That was enough, plus a few words from the assistant to inspire them on the pitch.
    I don't want to bore you with a full match report, so:

    Barnet 2-1 Peterborough
    The board were delighted with a win against our rivals!

    52' Ismail Yakubu
    65' Paul Furling

    Man Of the Match : Ismael Yakubu

    August 12th, 2009

    I had to make my decision today. In training I came onto the feild, and looked at all the pleading faces, willing me to stay. I mean they have put in alot of effort for the team to ge this far. I couldn't leave them.

    "Im staying, lads!

    That was enough for them, so we completed training, then I signed the contract.
    Barnet FC were really happy with the last two games.

    August 15th, 2009

    Barnet 4-1 Shrewsbury

    12' Antonio German
    19' Nicky Deverdics
    34', 89' Luka Senicanin

    Man Of the Match : Nicky Deverdics
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  26. December 26th, 2009

    Big Results:

    Barnet 2-2 Notts County

    61' Antonio German
    90+1' John O'Flynn

    Man Of the Match : Antonio German

    Barnet 0-1 Rotherham

    Barnet 0-3 Wolves - Carling Cup

    Barnet 7-0 Darlington

    1',35' Eddie Johnson
    30',63',73' Karsten Jonasen
    78' Yanick Bolasie
    82' Pavol Suhaj

    Man Of the Match : Karsten Jonasen


    After a lovely Christmas Dinner, and a few presents, like a touch screen tactics creator. We had to play Aldershot. It was a big match, if we won, we would be second!
    Despite the fact that it was snowing we gracefully came onto the pitch.
    We were performing above average, and we were still underdogs. Barnet FC were meant to be fighting relegation, not for promotion!

    Barnet 4-2 Aldershot

    2',8',39' Eddie Johnson
    23' Yanick Bolasie

    Man Of the Match : Karsten Jonasen

    League Table:
    The Mists of North London - The End-coca-cola-league-2-2.png

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet.png

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-2.png

    There will be the type of updates you like later in the story.

  27. great story mate definetly following!!

  28. I'm following the story mate, you do need to check your spelling to make the story better though.

  29. Quote Originally Posted by NUFC_Tony View Post
    I'm following the story mate, you do need to check your spelling to make the story better though.
    I agree fully.

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    May 1st, 2010

    We had to travel the four hour journey up to Grimsby.
    This match was our way to get promotion, we needed to points from two games. This was it!

    We trained hard for a few days, and before we knew it. Match day had come.
    Fans traveled up from the London Borough, just for this moment. I would go down in history as the clubs greatest manager.

    Everyone knew we needed this win. So I fielded my best possible team:

    The Mists of North London - The End-grimsby-v-barnet-.png

    The first half was fairly good, both teams had "Ups and Downs" but no one cam signifigantly close to scoring.

    In the second half, I had a word with Luka Senicanin. I told him to run down the wing, and instead of crossing, pass it to Eddie Johnson. He shrugged his sholders, and did excatly what I told him to.

    It was 62 mins, he beat two players, and layed up Eddie. He smacked the ball, but it went out of the stands, terrible miss.

    When the oppersition's goalie got injured, Luka had a little word with Eddie.
    Next time Luka ran down the wing on the right. He did a few stepovers before pulling it back for Eddie. BANG. Top corner.

    ''What a goal!''

    It was amazing. The roar from our 750 fans.
    We were going to Win!!!!

    Then we got a freekick in 87 mins. Their player got a yellow card.
    Eddie Johnson curled it into the right top corner.


    Barnet 2-0 Grimsby

    74', 88' Eddie Johnson

    Man Of the Match :Eddie Johnson

    Thanks for all the support!

  30. End of Season Update

    League Table:

    The Mists of North London - The End-coca-cola-league-2-3.png


    The Mists of North London - The End-joshua-creighton.png


    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-3.png

    Team Info:

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-4.png

    The actual drama will continue. My non-footballing side.

  31. JamieReed24
    good story but come on mate dont copy other peoples stories? can you get your own way of posting scores??

  32. June 4th, 2009

    I had alot of money. I didn't know what to do with it.
    I have brought all the luxuries I need, and there is no point of buying a new house.
    £65k in the bank, a good job. Summer Holidays.

    ''Holidays, yes."

    I went online with my Mac that I barely know how to use.
    Opened up internet and decided I needed a holiday to a hot country.

    I searched, and Ibeza came up. I found this:
    Fiesta Don Toni Hotel

    It looked good, and I plan to have fun, so...


    The only flight was for tonite. I packed and got ready to go!

    I reached Gatwick at 11:30.
    The airport was packed. I went to the quick check in early, and was set to go by 12:15.
    I went and got a Coffé at the Cafe Nero. I was sitting there looking all smart, with my Mac, playing a game called Football Manager 2010. It's so unrealistic. I can't even get Barnet to finish in the top half, or buy really good players with City.
    My flight was at 12:35. As I was sitting there, a woman approached me. She was good looking, blond, and seemed quite smart. So out of my league.
    She told me she saw me in the check in line, so told me I had to board the plane now.

    I have never been to an Airport, so didn't know what to do.
    Fortunately, I was sitting next to her on the plane. Plus, the third sest was free. No one sitting there.
    As the seatbelt light went off, we started talking. It took my mind off how scared I was.
    Apparently she was staying in the same hotel as me.
    Not the same block, but the same main hotel!
    I told her my job, about my history with Barnet and so on. She said, she thought I looked familiar. It turns out she lives five minutes from the ground, and she occasionaly went there with her old boyfriend.

    Then it hit me; i was 36, and single, only having 4 short term relationships in my life.
    Excluding all the ''One-Nighters'' if you know what im saying.

    As the plane came to a stop, we got off, and went to collect our luggage. Inconviently her luggage wasn't there, we had to make a few phone calls, talk to some guy who could speak English, and it took ages.

    Finally it came, and she told me her uncle had arranged a taxi to the hotel. she said I could come, for helping her out, when she was in panic.

    ---------- Post added at 08:03 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 03:39 PM ----------

    I am going on holiday tonite/tommorow morning.

    Off for two weeks, and I dont know If I can make an update.

  33. Hahaha loved the bit about football manager being unrealistic but
    seriously great story and I c what u mean by originalitty

  34. Quote Originally Posted by The Shots View Post

    I appreciate the comment from him, but if you comment, I expect you to have read some of the story.
    Only just looked back on this,

    I ment Its Looking Good as in. Its a very good story.

  35. Gonna continue this now I have returned!

    ---------- Post added at 12:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:38 AM ----------

    June 18th, 2010

    The holiday was finished, I was having a good relationship with the girl, and we were heading back on an Easy Jet flight.

    I had my laptop with me, but neverhad time to go on it, play some of that football manager thing, or just go on the internet.

    A Microsoft Outlook message came on so I thought I might check my emails.
    I had one from one of the players. He was having trouble getting back to London for our first training session.

    However that was a week old, and now he said, he had fun playing with some of the fans kids, and messing around at the airport.

    He got back fine and now everythings okay!


    The Easy jet flight went quick, as I fell asleep.
    We got back to Barnet to find the chairman offering me a hefty new contract. You can guess that I accepted it.

    Now I have two yerars left on my contract, and I have to avoid relegation.
    Apart from that everythings fine, with a few new players coming in.

    ---------- Post added at 07:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 PM ----------

    July 1st, 2010

    Today I had to go into work for a serious board meeting.
    We needed to discuss how the squad would handel the N-Power League 1.
    We discussed a possible list of transfers, with major loans being an option with the likes of Athletico's Romélu Lukaku and Marco Verratti looking to be loaned out. Along with a few free transfers along the way.

    We negotiated that we would finish Mid Table, and I reasoned with them, that if we are going through a tough patch not to sack me.
    Everyone around here is enjoying life, and no player wants to leave an over achieving club. The media has predicted us to finish 24th. I need to make my first priority wins, wins, wins!


    I got invited to the 'Football League's Party'.
    I went along thinking that a few drinks, and promotion celebrations would be a laugh.
    I met Chris Hughton, who seems like a nice guy, and he offered to play a friendly with me. I accepted.

    The night went on and it was funny when rival managers start having a go at each other.

    I was really happy when I won runner up for Coca Cola League 2 Manager of the Season.
    I was only second to Notts County manager who grabbed 113 points for his team last season.

    ---------- Post added at 07:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:02 PM ----------

    Transfer Updates to come, I have grabbed some key transfers in the teams bid for survival.

    ---------- Post added at 08:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:13 PM ----------

    More updates tomorrow.

  36. August 1st, 2010

    We are all set to go for the new season. We have brout in a new set of players whom I fell can take this club to glory.
    We work hard, play our game to the max, and we are trying to get a win at Underhill against tranmere next saturday.

    Everyone is all geared up for our first ever match in the N-Power League 1.

    We have a good squad and brout in some great transfers. The main one being Connor Wickham on loan from Ipswich. He says he would like to make it a permenant deal if things go to plan here.

    Key Transfers:

    Paul Murray - Free

    Peter Zlatinov - Free

    Connor Wickham - Loan

    Antonio German - Free however subjects to condition the transfer could rise to 1m.

    Kyle Hendry - Ditto, except to 500k.

    All Transfers:

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-5.png

  37. July 6th, 2010

    In a recent board meeting the chairman reckons the team can achieve what is required, and maybe if we can get a good string of results going we can aim for a top half finish, maybe even the playoffs.

    All is set, and all our frienlies are completed. The squad feel happy, and are training with everything they've got to try and prove to me they are caperble of a first team spot.

    Everyone here is really excited and tomorrow is the big match against Tranmere.

    ---------- Post added at 10:26 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:38 AM ----------

    Barnet 3-0 Tranmere

    64', 90+1' Karsten Jonasen
    69' Peter Zlatinov

    Man Of the Match : Karsten Jonasen

    Creighton Delighted With Win

    Joshua Creighton and the Barnet board and fans are estatic with the recent 3-0 thrashing of Tranmere at Underhill. The game had great atmosphere and will be a good setup for the league cup games against Brighton then the away game against Charlton.

    They were predicted to lose to Tranmere and one pundit claimed 'I can see Barnet letting a few goals past them today'.
    The players in the barnet team are really happy, and the manager got his tactics right with the new signing Zlatanov playing exceptionaly well along with other debute's.

    ---------- Post added at 08:11 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 10:26 AM ----------

    August 9th, 2010

    We had a celebration party after the exellent 3-0 win against Tranmere.
    We were realy happy after the teams result and the party was at the chaiman's mansion.
    After the game the chairman joked that I could have the job forever.
    It was quite funny when you are drunk.

    However during the party some rival Leyton Orient fans must of heard of the party. They came in looking like ASBO teenagers. They wrecked the place, and sprayed graffiti, and stole food. The list continues.
    Just before they fled one of the players children had a BB-Gun. Just as one of the teens were running away their "Dropdowns" went too far down and he shot him up the Arse.
    It was hilarious!

    They ran away and the chairman said he would report them to the FA. That would be great if our rivals get a fine of point reduction!

    ---------- Post added at 03:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:11 AM ----------

    Do you guys thing I should post monthly?

    ---------- Post added at 04:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:10 PM ----------


    Im doing great, nearly in the playoffs, expect an update soon

    ---------- Post added at 09:39 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 04:33 PM ----------

    Im in Jaanuary now, I will post a half way update.

    Boy this is hard

    Hope I get sugar daddy soon

    ---------- Post added at 04:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:39 AM ----------

    December 25th, 2010

    Big Results:

    Barnet 6-4 Barnsley

    34' Buezelin
    42' Jody Morris

    46', 56' Petar Zlatinov
    51' Albert Adomah
    86' Kenny Gillet

    Man Of the Match : Petar Zlatiov

    Barnet 0-2 Rotherham

    Barnet 0-3 Brighton - FA Cup Fourth Round Replay

    Barnet 7-1 Leyton Orient

    1' Beuzulin
    4',12',68' Karsten Jonasen
    66' Petar Zlatinov
    88' Luka Senicanin
    86' OWN GOAL

    Man Of the Match : Karsten Jonasen


    I decided to give the players the weekend off. They were really happy about this, however I was secretly going on a sking trip with my girlfriend in the Alps.
    It was nice to get in another holiday and we stayed at a resort.
    The best part was when she got cold, and decided we should go inside and "Try and warm eachother up."
    The trip was nice but it was only for a couple of days, so it ended quite quick and before we knew it we were back at home getting ready for the Leyton Orient game. The big one against our rivals!

    Barnet 3-0 Leyton Orient

    1', 41' Petar Zlatinov
    62' Karsten Jonasen

    Man Of the Match : Petar Zlatinov

    League Table:
    The Mists of North London - The End-coca-cola-league-1.png

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-7.png

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-6.png
    Last edited by The Shots; 05/09/2010 at 09:23 PM.

  38. This seems like a great story so far, you've worked wonders with the players at your disposal! Connor Wickham should do great for you.

    What tactic are you using as you're scoring a ton of goals. This story deserves a lot more comments than you've been getting.

    By the way, what happened with your attempted loan signings of Lukaku and Verratti? No luck I'm guessing?

  39. nice!

  40. Nice story mate .

  41. Quote Originally Posted by CalumE5 View Post
    This seems like a great story so far, you've worked wonders with the players at your disposal! Connor Wickham should do great for you.

    What tactic are you using as you're scoring a ton of goals. This story deserves a lot more comments than you've been getting.

    By the way, what happened with your attempted loan signings of Lukaku and Verratti? No luck I'm guessing?

    I've been using my own one: Total Pwnage (Barnet, 2009) lol couldn't think of a name. It is my best ever tactic so I dont want to upload it, or everyone will play it.

    Lukaku is now a sub who has played 1 league game all season and as a sub! Aparently he is an important first player to the team.

    Verratti had another bid made for him and he is now co-owned by Palermo. I can no longer loan bid for him ;(

  42. Quote Originally Posted by The Shots View Post

    I've been using my own one: Total Pwnage (Barnet, 2009) lol couldn't think of a name. It is my best ever tactic so I dont want to upload it, or everyone will play it.

    Lukaku is now a sub who has played 1 league game all season and as a sub! Aparently he is an important first player to the team.

    Verratti had another bid made for him and he is now co-owned by Palermo. I can no longer loan bid for him ;(
    But if you uploaded the tactic, everyone would worship you Nahh fair enough, but it looks like it works a treat. No hints at all then? A formation?

  43. Quote Originally Posted by CalumE5 View Post
    But if you uploaded the tactic, everyone would worship you Nahh fair enough, but it looks like it works a treat. No hints at all then? A formation?
    4-5-1 attacking. Not revealing anymore.

    I want to try and remake it on FM11 and I will release that if it works.

    Also my tactic has only been tested on this game so it might fail miserably.

  44. Quote Originally Posted by The Shots View Post
    4-5-1 attacking. Not revealing anymore.

    I want to try and remake it on FM11 and I will release that if it works.

    Also my tactic has only been tested on this game so it might fail miserably.
    I would be happy to give it a test run Just stick me a PM and your secrets will be safe with me Shall have to experiment, I'm much too lazy to make my own tactics but will give it a harder shot when FM11 is out!

  45. In case you don't know the team are second.

    ---------- Post added at 07:10 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 04:10 AM ----------

    January 2nd, 2011

    The new kit launch was a complete sucess, with the new trendy kits itboosted kit sales and we brought in alot of revenue.
    Some of the footballers modelled the kits, and they are pictured on the side of Underhill.




  46. Nick.Premium Member
    Premium Member
    nice kits, keep this up

  47. Good kits did you make them?

  48. Quote Originally Posted by playin'fm View Post
    Good kits did you make them?
    Unfortunatly, no.

    I requested them here:

    ---------- Post added at 10:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:23 AM ----------

    January Transfer Update to come.
    Im on :

    Barnet 3 (Backup - 3)(Backup)

    But the game still works.
    Good old autosave!

    ---------- Post added at 08:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:59 AM ----------

    I've added the screenies, hope I can get an End of Season update soon.

    Only 5 more games!

  49. May 8th, 2011

    With the lengthy season finally coming to an end. We were all geared up for the final few matches. It wqas a good season for me and I reached my 100th game in charge of Barnet F.C. We had some good celebrations after the match, with a win which secured us a playoff place! Yes Barnet F.C. had a chance of promotion! Plus we are so close to that automatic promotion place. We are second behind Southampton, but ahead of 3rd place by 11 points with 5 games to go. We need 6 points from 5 games. Can we achieve it?

    The board have anounced my job as untouchable, and if we secure promotion, I will be the best manager in the history of the club, and to go from L2 to Championship would be a fantastic achievment.


    With Southampton proberly out of reach, we had to secure second spot in the table.
    We could do that if we beat Gillingham! They were already relegated but still didn't want to lose!
    We had to travel all the way up to Gillingham in this thrilling encounter.

    It started so fast. A flash of goals went by as Antonio German scored twice to give the side a 2-0 lead at the break. It included one wonder gal which would be a great way to secure promotion.
    A goal on 19 mins and 45+4 for German.

    It was a nice teamtalk for one, and I simply told them to go out there and win!
    However the team didn't respond well letting in a goal after 53 mins. They were back in it!
    But that all got cancelled out after Right-back Josh Rowling scored an own goal after 80 mins. 3-1!
    We had a corner in the 87th minute. German took it and it looked like it was going in! However the goalie tipped it onto the bar! Unfortunatly for them in ricoched of there defender and went in! 4-1!
    But Gillingham wern't finished as they clawed back a goal on 89 mins. Then Jackson scored on 90+1. it was a nervey ending but the sqad carried out their duties!

    4-3 the final result!
    Barnet F.C. were promoted again!

    The Mists of North London - The End-joshua-creighton-2.png

    League 1:
    The Mists of North London - The End-coca-cola-league-1-2.png


  50. End of Season Update

    League Table:
    The Mists of North London - The End-coca-cola-league-1-3.png

    The Mists of North London - The End-joshua-creighton-3.png

    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-9.png

    Team Info:
    The Mists of North London - The End-barnet-10.png

    Get all geared up for more drama.

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