The Final Revolution - A Toddzy Creation.

  1. The Final Revolution - A Toddzy Creation.

    Bayern call time on Van Gaal

    Louis Van Gaal on his opening game for Bayern

    In an announcemant on the club website, Bayern Munich director Franz Beckenbauer has told fans that Manager Louis Van Gaal has been removed as his position.

    Beckenbauer said that it was with a heavy heart that he removed Van Gaal as he had led Bayern in a direction he approved off. He said the reason for Van Gaal's departure is something that has happened behind the scenes and will remain a club matter. As yet they have not revealed what the problem actualy was, but rumours are stating that Beckenbauer wanted to look into moving in an Arsenal direction by bringing in youth, Van Gaal on the other hand did not and asked for £45million to invest into his squad.

    Nether the less, the outcome is the departure of a great manager.

    Bayern are now looking into employing their new manager as soon as possible, and are also rumoured to be looking into an 'Arsene Wenger' situation.

    Beckenbauer stated that the appointment of a rookie manager had a very large appeal to himself and the fellow board members. He also commented that they had a shortlist, but wouldn't be revealing the names on it to the public.

    The last appearance of Van Gaal in his Bayern tracksuit

    Many players have spoke out of the departure of the manager, Franck Ribery being one of these. Ribery commented by saying that Van Gaal had been a great manager, and now that he had left, he felt his future was elsewhere. With Inter, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester City looking for his signature, surely now the move onwards in Europe will get rolling soon.

    More news on this when it comes in, but for fans, both reports wil be heavily anticipated. All will be revealed on the club website.

    * * *

    Foot Note : This is my final story for FM2010. My next (if I create one) will be when I purchase FM2011. I hope you follow.

    P.S - The possible sale of Ribery is based loosely on my developed dislike of him via Carine's 'Being Bastian' story. I would like to state though that this is not a story to teal his readers. I hope people will follow both.

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  3. Plans for the Allianz Arena are finally released

    The Final Revolution - A Toddzy Creation.-allianz.jpg
    The Stadium before a Bayern game

    After weeks of no manager and uncertain futures for many players, Beckenbauer has finally told Bayern's official website of the future plans for his team.

    The Bayern legend stated that he decided that he would create a new route for his Bayern team to follow. With the team usually employing bigger names the former German stopper informed us that they would not be heading in this direction for their next approuch.

    Beckenbauer told the reporters that during the weeks when no news was given they were actualy searching over Europe for the right man to use in order to employ their new scheme. They narrowed it down to 4 candidates and invitied them to the Allianz, where the new manager would be selected.

    After interviewing the 4 candidates it was Scotsman, Craig Todd who was finally choosen to take the club forward. Todd will be to most, un heard of. But when looked at closer, he has an impressive CV.

    He has won a Danish title, a Sweedish title before jumping to Holland and winning their Second division. He then headed back to Denmark with Copenhagen where he was spotted by Bayern as a replacement for Van Gaal.

    At 30 years of age he is reletivly young. Bayern fans will be hoping that he will be able to delve straight into things and take over an already strong side. But thats when Beckenbauer announced his 2nd and 3rd pieces of news. Todd and Beckenbauer commented that they will not be looking to sign players over the age of 23. Todd stated that the players over this would not be leaving but they won't be looking to sign players older than that.

    This has confirmed rumours that Beckenbauer was looking for a similar system to that of Arsenal's. With both of these now confirmed both men signed heavily and revealed that Franck Ribery had left the German outfit.

    Beckenbauer and Ribery. Their relationship was said to have 'Broken down' due to off-field antics of the Frenchman.

    The Frenchman has agreed a 5-year deal with Italian Serie A champions Inter. Rafa Benitez was said to have moved quickly when he heard of the turmoil between club and player and offered Bayern a deal worth £27million. Todd stated that they considered this offer for a week before countering it to £38.5million. Inter accepted these terms and made an improved offer. Ribery then flew to Milan where he passed a medical and signed a 5-year deal worth £125,000 a week.

    The deal though has greatly improved Bayern's financies and their wage budget. Everyone understood that Ribery is a great player but Beckenbauer was said to be 'deeply dissappointed' with some of the Frenchman's antics of the field.

    Ribery was playing against the reserves - this would be his last game

    Todd and Beckenbauer finally released that they had drew up a shortlist of players. This included Mats Rits of Germinal Beerschott, Van Der Wiel of Ajax and Arda Turan of Galatasary.

    Keep looking around to find out more . . .

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    On another note, how do you get your images to show up big? Mine always seem to load up small and can't find an option to change this.

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    P.S - The possible sale of Ribery is based loosely on my developed dislike of him via Carine's 'Being Bastian' story. I would like to state though that this is not a story to teal his readers. I hope people will follow both.
    haha, cheers for the mention -- just like to say though, I don't think Ribery is really like this and I do like him in real life, lol

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    Good start and nice looking layout - I'll be following - Keep it up m8

    On another note, how do you get your images to show up big? Mine always seem to load up small and can't find an option to change this.

    haha, cheers for the mention -- just like to say though, I don't think Ribery is really like this and I do like him in real life, lol
    Yeh I wouldnt think he was like that in real life but its nice to add a little twist ae As for your pictures, upload them via Imageshack then collect the URL and put it onto your new comment!

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  9. An inspired Gomez helps Bayern turn an impressive month!

    Mario Gomez - He's successfully netted 7 goals this month

    As Bayern geared up for their era under the management of Craig Todd, the impressive performances of forward Mario Gomez helped them pick up 10 victory's in 11 matches. He netted a cool 7 goals, contributed 5 assists and earned 4 MOM.

    From 31st of July to 29th of September

    Bayern started their new era with an away trip in the German cup 1st round. Bayern did not find the game very difficult as they eased a 3-0 win with Gomez netting a brace. Todd then praised the format of the German Cup. He stated that the format of which all teams participate from Round 1 makes the competition better. He went on to say that the oppourtunity that this provides the smaller teams is excellant as they can sometimes generate transfer funds via ticket sales.

    But when it came to the opening game of the season Bayern still impressed as they geared up against current holders of the league, Wolfsburg. In a tough game it was Bayern who came out on top. They picked up a 2-1 victory in a game which was hotly contested. It was goals from Phillip Lahm and Mario Gomez who picked up Bayern's first 3 points of the season.

    Bayern then had a rest before having a mid-week game against Nurmberg. Bayern once again impressed pundits and fans as they romped the opposition and picked up a 4-2 victory. Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller and a Toni Kroos brace helped Bayern as they headed back to the Allianz. Todd was quick to praise the performances of Kroos and Muller and commented that they were the 'future' of both Bayern and Germany.

    Bayern then welcomed Frankfurt to the Allianz in a game which Bayern where once again expected to win. They rested several players but that didn't stop then winning 5-0, their greatest margin so far this season. It was new youngster Richard Sukuta - Paso who opened the scoring. The 19-year old German recently signed from Leverkusen for a reported fee of £2.5million. He was quick to impress as after 22 seconds he gathered a pass from Van Bommel and swiveled on the 18 yard box before smashing home a stunning strike. Things got even better as Croatian Ivica Olic netted a hat-trick before Mark Van Bommel completed the scoring.

    In their final game of August Bayern were against a Werder Bremen in a tough away game. This didn't face them though as they picked up a vital 2-0 win. A Tim Weise own goal combined with a bullet header from Mario Gomez helped Bayern. At this point, Bayern sat top with 12 points from a possible 12.

    The International break came and went and seen Muller make his debut for the full national side. Klose netted twice whilst away as well as Schweinsteiger netting whilst away. But they would be greeted with a tough game when back at club level in the appearance of Hoffenheim. Despite Bayern being at home they struggled for most of the game before substitute Sukuta-Pasu earned all 3 points as his team won 1-0.

    Next game Bayern's first game of the year in the prestigious UEFA Champions League. It came against a difficult opposition in Italy's AS Roma. But despite big hype before the game, the Italian side didn't live up to it. A stunning volley from Schweinsteiger and another goal from Mario Gomez handed the Germans a 2-0 victory. They went to the top of the group with 3 points.

    Gomez turning out against AS Roma

    Bayern's undefeated record finally came to an end though as they were defeated by rivals Leverkusen 2-1. It could have been more as Michael Ballack missed 2 penalties. But it was Mario Gomez who restrictied the agony for the fans becoming worse.

    But the blues didn't last long as they picked up an impressive 3-0 win against Aachen in the 2nd Round of the German Cup. Schweinsteiger, Arda Turan and and Miroslav Klose completed the scoresheet. This was the Turks' first goal since completing his £14.5million move from Galatasary. Turan went on to say that he felt at 'home' at the Allianz.

    In another big game Bayern welcomed anothr rival, this time Schalke. They were hotly considered to be a challenger to the German title this year but Bayern easily dismissed this with another goal from captain Bastian Schweinsteiger. With 7 games now played in the league Bayern sit top with 18 points. It's not all happy for them though as Stuttgart occupy 2nd with 17 points. The 2 sides meet on the 27/11/09 at the Allianz Arena.

    The final game of September seen Todd return to familiar surroundings at Kobenhavn and was greeted with a sea of appluse. The Scotsman seemed extrmemly greatful and waved numerous times throughout the game. But Todd's side didn't give the Danish side any other reason to be happy as they picked up a 2-1 victory in which Toni Kroos and Mario Gomez scored in.

    This wraps up Todd's first 2 months in charge of Bayern Munich here on For more news on how the Scotsman is getting on, watch this page...


  10. Good start there m8 -- keep it up 18 points from a possible 21 is pretty impressive.

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    Good start there m8 -- keep it up 18 points from a possible 21 is pretty impressive.

    Thanks man. Its been an enjoyable start Probably do monthly updates now though!

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  13. Bayern have an average October!

    Bayern fans witnessed the return of Arjen Robben who had been out for 4 months

    After an impressive start to his reign as Bayern Munich boss Craig Todd's side seemed to have a slight hick-up during the month of October. Eliminated from the German cup and losing at home to Hannover. But fans also watched as Gomez continued to shine and the return of their winger, Arjen Robben.

    From 2nd of October to 31st of October

    Die Bayerns' first game of October was a trip away to newly promoted St.Pauli in the Bundesliga. Although before the game they were expected to heavily walk over the opposition they didn't live up to it. They only picked up a 2-1 win. Sukuta-Pasu and Arda Turan both getting on the scoresheet. Sukuta-Pasu continues to show that he was worth his price tag and although un-heard of by many is really shinning in the limelight of Bayern.

    In Robben and Demechellis return against Hannover Bayern sadly slumpped to a 1-0 defeat. Both men started on the bench as they had only been training with the full team for a week and a half. But after Robben assisted in Gomez rattling the crossbar it looked like it wouldn't be Bayern's day. The central defender then made his appearance when they were reduced to 10 men as Van Buyton was gibing his marching orders. Then, in the dying minutes, Hannover grabbed a late goal and steal the 3 points.

    With this result behind them Bayern had to prepare themselves for the visit of Harry Redknapp's Tottenham Hotspur to the Allianz Arena. And in the game Bayern could only manage a 2-2 draw. Although they went up 1-0, Tottenham clawed it back and gained the advantage by going up 2-1. Mario Gomez then scored his 2nd goal of the game and earned his team a point.

    After a break of 4 days Die Bayern travelled to Mainz in the Bundesliga hoping to put their last league game behind them. And they did so convincingly as Gomez and Klose were on the scoresheet as they picked up the 3 points. Klose had recently announced that he was unhappy about not being considered for the role of captain and has handed in a transfer request.

    Bayern then faced a shock as they crashed out of the German Cup in the 3rd round against Dortmund. They took and early lead which Bayern didn't look like they were ever going to get one back. The fans were devastated by this result and so to were the board. Todd made a public apology for this result.

    But the despair did not last long as they earned their 2nd 5-0 victory of the season over Gladbach. With 5 differant goalscorers against the opposition Todd praised his team for their attacking flow. Phillip Lahm, Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Arjen Robben.

    Klose and Lahm celebrate

    With Bayern still sitting top of the league they may feel slightly nervous as Stuttgart are 3 points behind with a game in hand. In the UEFA Champions league Todd's side are sitting top on 7 points.

    For more news and results, keep looking at this page on


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  16. A new chapter for Owen in Munich!

    Excitied Bayern fans greet Michael Owen as he leaves the Allianz

    BBC Sport can exclusivly reveal that Manchester United have reached an agreement over the transfer of Michael Owen to Bayern Munich. Owen will depart for the German outfit in January 2010. He penned a deal to 2012.

    In an exclusive interview with Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan, he confirmed reports that Owen had travelled to Munich to talk personal terms and undergo a medical. Owen, 29, will be Todd's 7th signing as Bayerns coach.

    In a deal worth £3.6million for United they are said to be 'dissappointed' with Owen's decision to leave but understand. Owen signed for the Red Devils on a free transfer when his contract with Newcastle United expired. Many people were wondering if Sir Alex Ferguson had done good business as he would be paying Owen £50,000 a week. But Owen is now a confirmed departure.

    But he will face stiff competition when he arrives. With Ivica Olic, Miroslav Klose, Mario Gomez and Richard Sukuta-Pasu all playing very well he'll have to train hard to impress Todd. Rumours are suggesting though that with Owen's arrival in January the wave out could be paved for either a loan deal for Sukuta-Pasu or Olic. Todd is said to only like having 4 strikers in his 1st team squad so only time will tell.

    Owen celebrating a recent goal against struggling West Brom in the League Cup

    The deal for Owen also breaks the agreement of signing players under 23 which was agreed bby Beckenbauer and Todd when he agreed to be manager. So far Beckenbauer has not commented on the transfer but a press confernace is to be held soon for Todd.

    Todd was unable to be reached for a comment but a close friend has commented sayng that he is delighted with Owen's arrival. Only time will tell if the Englishman has what it takes to fit into plans at the Allianz arena. But at £3.6million for him, it looks to be good business from Todd.

    For more facts on Owen or Bayern Munich, have a look around


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    Good signing in Owen man, can you also show a screenie of all your transfers?
    With pleasure my man....

  19. Good transfers m8, ribery leaving got you a fair bit of money...

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    Good transfers m8, ribery leaving got you a fair bit of money...

    Yeh he did, I started with a £45million transfer budget too so i still have £30million odd left to invest in youngsters this season!

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    Thought you werent singing players over 23??
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    Its to create a twist mate....
    You still can't just flat out lie, haha. If you make it a twist, you've got to stick by it.

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    You still can't just flat out lie, haha. If you make it a twist, you've got to stick by it.
    No no, The signing of Owen is going to be the twist mate. I'll be sticking to the under 23 part.

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  27. November - February progress for Die Bayern

    The arrival of 23 year old Kalou on loan was some fresh competition for the current side

    As months have now passed for Todd and his side recent results are now starting to create cracks in his 'perfect' side. With several losses, in both the UEFA Champions League and Bundesliga, many fans are beginning to lose patience.

    Also there is a draw against Freiburg 1-1. Results 27th of November to 27th of February

    Before his reign even began the doubters had already questioned the appointment of such a random manager taking the helm of such a prestigous club. Now, as writes on the 1st of March 2010, many doubters are being proved right as Bayern's in-consistency is costing them the role of being a major challenger in Europe. 2-1 down in their first leg against Shakter and sitting poorly 3rd in the league, should time be called on Todd?

    Although many fans are being very quick to look at the negatives that Bayern are producing, Todd is also making some very positive effects on the club. Thomas Muller has netted 10 so far in all competitions from the right and left flanks. His strikers Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose have netted 15 and 11 goals respectively whilst Bastian Schweinsteiger has netted 8.

    Muller and Klose celebrate their goals against St.Pauli

    Although now we only move into March Todd still has 2 months to turn his fate around. With a contract running to 2011 he may also have another season to show he is fitting to the Bayern role. Rumours are suggesting though that his relationship with Franz Beckenbauer are becoming strained. This was highlighted with Beckenbauer's refusal to turn up to Owen's signing conferance or apologise for negative comments he made on his player after an England game. Todd though dismissed this and said that the pair have a 'father - son' bond.

    The league table

    Todd has called for continued faith from fans and has pleaded as he believes that he can turn this around. He has stated that his players are still fully behind him and still want him in charge.

    For more though on Todd and Bayern follow this page on


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  29. Season 2009/2010 round up for Bayern

    The Final Revolution - A Toddzy Creation.-allianz.jpg
    The stunning Allianz Arena today reveals a basic round up of Bayern Munich's season under the guidance of new manager, Craig Todd. In what was an average season for some it is now finished. Despite several dazzling displays it will be the bad ones which will live in the memories of the fans as their side failed to win any silverware this season. But the German outfit seen something in Todd and offered him a year extension on his contract to 2012.

    The final league table

    As the Bundesliga drew to a close today the final League table was produced to display Bayer Leverkusen as champions. They take the title with a margain of 3 points over rivals Bayern Munich who are said to be very sore at losing the race for the title. Despite an impressive 6-1 win at home on the final day against HSV for Bayern, it wasn't enough, but they will still play UEFA Champions League football next year.

    Gomez and Schweinsteiger pick up awards

    Despite no silverware though Bayern can take pride in the fact 2 of their star players were awarded for their performances. Mario Gomez gained some interest from Barcelona during the winter period but stayed in Munich and earned Striker of the Year. After netting 18 in all competitions whilst setting up 14 goals made him more than a worthy winner. He is travelling to South Africa as a member of Germany's World Cup squad where Low will hope he can produce the same form. Bastian Schweinsteiger also proved vital in the heart of Bayern's midfield. The German was often the engine that kept them going and helped his team several times by scoring and assisting.

    Muller earned fans player of the year

    Thomas Muller. Considered by many at the begining of the season to be a bench star to try and create an impact at the end of games has surpassed all expectations. After producing a stunning season, the fans acknowleged by choosing him to be their player of the year. The young German played so well he also gained a seat on the plane to South Africa with Germany. He netted 10 goals in the league from AMR and AML which again has left Low hoping he can produce the same class. Low attended several games to watch Todd's young starlet as well as Kroos. But Muller has no doubt showed he is a potencial World Class player.

    Bayern's team of the season was also released as well as choosing to highlight several player's game stats throughout the season. Another player who performed very well come the end of the season was Croatian Ivica Olic. Linked with a move with the arrival of Owen, the striker proved his doubters and his manager wrong with his blistering pace and great natural fitness. he ended up 2nd top goal-scorer for Die Bayern and throughly deserved praise. Miroslav Klose all netted into double figures and penned a deal to keep him at the club till he is 36. Todd said that Klose is an ideal role model for younger player's coming up through the ranks and he will keep him until he retires.


    So with that, concludes the season for Bayern. They now look onto a new season under Todd in hope that this year they can win some silverware. The latest news is that Denilson has signed from Arsenal on a permanent basis. He penned a 4-year deal at the Allianz. In other transfer news Dutch right-back Gregory Van der Wiel has joined Chelsea for a fee around £17million. Bayern make a £7million profit via this sale.

    For more news on Bayern's upcoming season, follow here at


  30. owww too bad you didn't win the league mate, but nice story

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    unlucky bout van der Wiel mate, maybe you can get Rafinha from Schalke haha

  32. The return of football in Germany

    Bayern's new captain - Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Today writes this update as finally football has retuned in Germany following a long summer without it. The World Cup left us Germans disppointed and searching for answers as we didnt qualify out of the group stage in South Africa. But with Low out and Bernd Schuster in we start a new era. On topic though, Bayern have also began their new season. With 5 games to highlight to you, Mario Gomez has made the most encouraging start.

    From 31st of July to 28th of August

    The season began for Bayern as they welcomed the 1st round of the German Cup to the Allianz Arena. They showed the the long summer had worked wonders for their team bonding as they ran out 4-0 winners. Arjen Robben, Thomas Muller, Mario Gomez and Toni Kroos were all on the scoresheet. This sparked a great start for Die Bayern as they look to try and win this competition as well as the Bundesliga and progress further than the first knockout round in the UEFA Champions League like they did last year.

    So when the opening game of the Bundesliga arrived, it offered a thrilling contest between 2 of Germany's biggest clubs. Werder Bremen were welcomed to the Allianz arena where they knew they would have to turn up against a motivated Bayern team. The game in the end turned out to be a great game for the neautrals as Bayern eventually took the game 3-2. Mario Gomez continued his good start by netting a brace whilst Croatian Ivica Olic also got on the scoresheet before being substitued for Miroslav Klose. A good start for Bayern as they look for a basis on which to progress.

    In the following game they travelled to Freiburg. In this fixture last year Bayern struggled and only left with 1 point. This time around though it was differant as another brace from forward Mario Gomez earned all 3 points in a 2-1 victory. Despite the win though Arjen Robben revealed Todd's fury at the poor showing from his team. And fans agreed as they are aware that performances like that won't get them the win everytime.

    But the following game brought Bayern's worst problem last year, in-consistency. They welcomed Frankfurt to the Allianz Arena in hope of maintaining their perfect start. But the over-confident Bayern side lost 2-1 to a late goal. Mario Gomez though scored once again to take his goal tally so far to 6 in all competitions. The German said in a post-match interview that he was delighted with the partnership that he had developed with Ivica Olic and hoped that Todd would continue to play them in a run of games. Recently Miroslav Klose and Michael Owen have been restrictied to substitute appearances. With Owen's contract expiring come the end of this season, he'll need to impress. But whether or not Beckenbauer feels he wants to give the Englishman a contract is another matter.

    The final game off the month for Bayern was an away trip to Hannover. In a poor game for both sides, it finished 0-0 with no notable chances. This rounded up the month for Todd and an upcoming International break allowed him to think about where his side were going wrong already.

    Denilson signed on a permanent deal.

    On the transger front, their have been a few notable in's and out's for Bayern. They have signed Denilson (above) on a permanent deal from Arsenal for £4.8million. The Brazilian spent 2009/2010 season on loan at Die Bayern and said he 'jumped' at the chance to sign on a permanent basis. Bayern have also signed Tinga from Ponte Preta for £1.8million. The 19 year-old Brazilian central midfielder described his move as a 'Dream come true'. He will spend the 2010/2011 season on loan a 2nd division side Biefield who Bayern are the parent club too. A 3rd Brazilian also signed in the form of right back Diego Renan. He signed from Cruziero for £10million and will be used to fill the void that was created by the departure of Gregory Van der Wiel to Chelsea. Bayern's final big transfer of the summer was Serder Tasci from Stuttgart. They paid £12.75million for the 23-year old German central defender. This deal was to replace the departure of former captain Daniel Van Buyton to Fiorentina. Mark Van Bommel also left as Todd and himself could not agree on the length of time he would stay. Van Bommel demanded a 2 year deal where Todd was only prepared to offer 1. Anatoliy Tymoschuk and Daniel Pranjic also left the club. Tymoschuk left for Blackburn Rovers in a deal worth £5million whilst Pranjic headed to Spain to play for Sevilla in a deal worth £7million.

    To find out Bayern do in September, watch this page at


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    they're good transfers man, especially Diego Renan, well done

  34. Sadly I'm trying to restore the files on my computer, which includes this save. I've been working with my dad to try and fix my computer so as soon as I can get it all sorted and get the save back or try, I'll hopefully have an update. If I can't then I'm sorry this save will be gone and therefore this story :s

    Hopefully I can make this work though. Apologies for anyone who was following.

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