Los Che - The Valencia Experiance

  1. Los Che - The Valencia Experiance

    Note - Sadly, my old computer has run its course, and with it, my Bayern save, as I don't back up FM saves, only Photos and other things. I havn't got my new laptop yet, but I already have my idea in place on what I'm going to do when I install FM2010 for my last save. By the title, you can guess it's going to be Valencia C.F. I'm going to play the game very realistically. This means being aware of Valencia's struggling financial position, I'll need to become a wealer and dealer. I'll be designing kits and sigs myself and happy to do some for other people should they request. I'm currently a helper on pistolped7's and El_Wulfio's kit request if you wish to request. Now to the backround of the story I guess. I hope you follow and enjoy

    - - -

    Adios Emery!

    Times up - Unai Emery

    News from Valencia C.F today is stating that manager Unai Emery has been removed due to 'financial reasons'. His contract has been terminated with immediate effect and was unwilling to comment as he left the ground.

    Fans and players are said to be in a state of shock as Emery had guided his team to a 3rd place position in La Liga only to fall behind Real Madrid and Barcelona. He had also began getting the best out of players such as Pablo Hernandez on the RW.

    As we are all aware though Valencia find themselves in a cripling financial situation. Following the sale of David Villa to Barcelona and David Silva to Manchester City things cleared up slightly. But by no means are they out of the red yet.

    More shock was that Emery had already began preperations for the new season b strenghing his team. He signed 2 forwards in Getafe's Roberto Soldado and Mallorca's Aritz Aduriz. These signings would see a change in formation from the one up top which worked so favourably with David Villa up top. But with such money spent on these 2, they will surely be partnered together.

    Speculation has already began on who the new oss is going to be with such names as Juande Ramos being linked with the job. Ramos guided Sevilla to a Europa League title before moving to England for an unsuccesful spell in the capital with Tottenham Hotspur. He then came back to Spain to become caretaker manager of Real Madrid, saving their season and guiding them to a 2nd place finish when things looked like they could have been worse. He then moved to Russian outfit CSKA Moscow but is now enjoying another unemployment stint. He is so far the bookies favourite to replace Unai Emery at 3/1. Other names in the mix include Luis Aragones, Quique Sanchez Flores has been tooted to return as well as a bizarre rumour that Ivan Helguera may be tempted to take his first managerial role since retiring in following the 2008/2009 season. World Cup winner and former Valencia Star Mario Kempes has also been mentioned, though he hasn't managed a club since 2001 but is a Valencia legend.

    Mario Kempes turning out for Valencia in 1981 during his 1st spell at the club.

    So far, no further comment has been made from Emery or the Valencia C.F board.

  2. I'll definitely follow. Valencia are my favourite Spanish team and I have'nt seen a story on them (although I'm sure there are some out there). Soldado is a beast. Good luck

  3. Good start mate. Best of luck with this and you have a follower

  4. nice start, hope you will win some trophys...

  5. dannyck
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    good start and good luck

  6. Business as usual for Les Che

    Los Che - The Valencia Experiance-valencia_cf_logo_original.png

    Despite having no manager Valencia C.F have been hard at work to try and find a sponser and kit designer this past month. Despite interviewing several candidates so far and a month passing since Emery's departure still there is no news on an appointment.

    But at the the press conferance the Valencia board refused to comment on the speculation of a new manager as the press conferance was for the announcement that American photo stock website Getty Images would be Valencia's main sponser this year. The Valencia board are hoping that this may lead to more photographers coming to view their games and hopefully generate extra revenue on match-day.

    But they have admittied that they made need another sponser on the kit due to the financial situation that they find themselves in. Chaiman Manuel Llorente stated that they were looking and have narrowed down several new sponsers to go along with the new main that is Getty Images.

    The manufactuer of kit returns to Nike following a spell away from them with Kappa. Nike have penned a deal with Los Che worth around £15million over a period of 5 years whereas Getty Images have only signed for 2 in a deal worth around £10million for Valencia. Los Che have been one of several clubs who have agreed to sport Nike's new barb'd design on their kits. German side Werder Bremen are another who agreed.

    The kits go on sale at the end of the week, but below is a preview. Valencia fans will no doubt also have the pressing matter of a new manager in their minds. But as mentioned above, we have no announcement on that.

    Name:  valencia home.png
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Size:  34.4 KB Los Che - The Valencia Experiance-valencia-third.png
    From left to right; Home - Away - Third

  7. dannyck
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    them kits are nice pal, good work

  8. Alcaraz's Avatar Alcaraz
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    Nice Kits and Good Luck,should be tough without the likes of Villa,Silva,Zigic and Marchena...I will be following

  9. looking good so far mate, im loving the layout aswell

  10. Thanks for the kind comments guys, their shall be an update soon on the new apointment

  11. Valencia are a great team but never do well as pc on my game but i dont think they use saldado well because if you use him correctly he will rip a league apart.

  12. hellroker's Avatar hellroker
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    Good luck mate! Following

  13. Nice. Will definatley be following, enjoyed your Bayern one, shame your computer crashed.
    Good luck with La liga

  14. Quote Originally Posted by CardozoThePro View Post
    Nice. Will definatley be following, enjoyed your Bayern one, shame your computer crashed.
    Good luck with La liga
    Worse than crashed mate the thing doesn't even start anymore haha! But, on the upside, new laptop for La Liga
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by toddzy View Post
    Worse than crashed mate the thing doesn't even start anymore haha! But, on the upside, new laptop for La Liga
    Dang that must blow.. my FM messed up the other day and only way i could fix it involved me losing my story.. :/ But yeah a new game a new laptop...

  16. Mario Kempes : Valencia have approuched me!

    Mario Kempes 1978 World Cup Final.

    In an exclusive interview given on Argentina's national footbal website, Valencia legend Mario Kempes has confirmed he has been approuched by Los Che to replace Unai Emery as manager.

    Kempes was in Buenos Aires speaking to AFA.com about the World Cup of 1978 in which Argentina held and also won. Kempes netted in the final and agreed to give an interview. He highlighted that the final of 78' was the best of his career and that nothing could match the overwheming joy of hoisting the World Cup above his head.

    But AFA.com didn't choose to stay on the topic of the final, they pressed him on other things, including the vacant mangerial role at Valencia C.F. At first Kempes refused to comment saying that it wasn't his place. The subject was dropped but soon came back into the conversation.

    Kempes stated;

    'I have been approuched by Manuel (Llorente, Valencia Chairman) and we have spoken about personal terms. The move doesn't just concern me, I have my family to think about too. We're settled here in Buenos Aires so a move to Valencia has to be right. Manuel doesn't have a lot of money to work with, clearly we all knew that. But I love Valencia, I love the fans. I enjoyed the best part of my career there. So right now, we're very far off a deal, but it's on the cards, yes.'

    Asked further questions and Kempes quickly stated no comment and said he had already said too much. It now leaves delighted Valencia fans eager about the prospect of having one of their hero's back at the club.

    Kempes' odds in the bookies have now shot to 2/1 with these comments after he was intially at 33/1 and considered a huge outsider. Juande Ramos is still also hotly tipped after been captured leaving the Nuevo Mestalla recently. Neither club or Ramos commented, but both men appear to have had contact with Los Che.

    As for the new manager, this has began to clear several things up. We're narrowed down to Mario Kempes and Juande Ramos.
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    I'm definitely going to be following this! I love Valencia, they've been my second team ever since they played Celtic in the UEFA Cup in 2002. I love those kits as well, very smart, and I love Mario Kempes.

    I love it!

  18. nice update. Kempes is a legend. I always used to buy Laurito because he was labelled the next Kempes but he never did anything for me. Looking forward to seeing your transfers mate

  19. Good updates mate. Love the kits as well where did you get them at?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by burkeyoa View Post
    Good updates mate. Love the kits as well where did you get them at?

    I actually made them myself , if your wanting some for your story feel free to request away mate . Update most likely tomorrow. As of yet I havnt actually started a save on this as I don't have FM, I'm using my mums laptop which doesn't have enough room left for FM sadly. But the save should be created this weekend at somepoint for those interested and following so far!

  21. Manuel Llorente : We have our man!

    Los Che - The Valencia Experiance-valencia_cf_logo_original.png
    Valencia Chairman Manuel Llorente

    Manuel Llorente finally gathered the media on the 30/06/09 to announce to the world who Los Che's new manager would be. Sitting at first by himself, he gestured to his left and the media took an expectant gulp of air, who would it be; Kempes or Ramos.

    A smiling Mario Kempes strolled through the door to the applause of the media, he nodded and waved in gratitude. For many it had been an appointment which would have happened sooner rather than later.

    Kempes, 54, is an all time legend of the club nd has always given his opinion's on new manager's or player's. But he has now accepted the hot-seat himself and has to impress straight from the off.

    They confirmed that Kempes had penned a 2 year deal worth in the region of £33,500 a week. If Kempes impressed in his 1st or 2nd season then he would of course be offered a new deal. Llorente went on to state that Kempes had a Transfer Budget of around £10million and was expected to at least achieve UEFA Champions League football for the 2010/2011 season.

    With the media finished quizing Kempes, he himself made a further announcement confirming the arrival and departure of several players at Los Che.

    Artem Milevskiy lining up against Barcelona's Xaxi. The Ukraine International has penned a 1 year loan deal at Los Che.

    The media seemed slightly confused as they weren't aware of any transfer going on's. but, nevertheless the re-took their seets and eagerly awaited the announcement of new signings.

    Kempes started by saying he had succesfully signed Artem Milevskiy from Ukrainian side Dinamo Kiev on a 1 year loan deal. The fee he commented was £1.1million and Valencia would take on 100% of his wages. The deal also involves a clause that if Valencia wish to sign him on a permanent deal an offer in the region of £5million will automatically be accepted.

    The Argentine then continued, and announced that Portugese forward Helder Postiga had joined from Sporting Lisbon. The deal is worth in the region of £2million and Postiga has signed a 4 year deal worth £13,000 a week. Kempes stated that Postiga is a 'perfect' forward and that the prospect of signing him for a fee that cheap was one in which he couldn't resist.

    The final signing was the arrival of young Danish central defender Mathias Jorgensen from FC Kobenhavn. The 19 year old is viewed as the replacement for Carlos Marchena who departed for Villarreal recently. For a fee in the region of £2million again, it is viewed as a very good investment by Kempes. The media thus far have been impressed by him.

    He then confirmed to us that David Navarro had left for £1.5million to Sampdoria though it was with a heavy heart that both he and Navarro accepted. At 29, the Spainish central defender wasn't looking like he was going to be given one of the 25 squad numbers available and therefore took his chance to leave. Another player who has left is young winger and forward Aaron. He has joined Siena for a fee around £1.3million and was also sad to leave Valencia.

    So with around £7million still left in the kitty, fans are now wondering whether or not their new manager will try and invest one last time in this transfer maket. One fan stated that they must hold on to Mata and Hernandez who have both been on the radar of former Valencia manager Rafa Benitez. Now at Inter, Benitez has already had a £16million bid turned down for Juan Manuel Mata as well as having a £8million bid rejected for Pablo Hernandez. He announced in the press conferance for Benitez to 'back off' as his wingers were not for sale.

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    will follow as always mate

  23. This is great !
    I will follow mate,

  24. nice update mate

  25. dannyck
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    brilliant mate, love your updates!

  26. Brilliant, looking forward to the next update.

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    Nice update, looking forward to another.

  28. Played 3 competitive games which I shall update tomorrow once I decide how and not busy, hitting the sack haha!

  29. Valencia make a very, very slow start!

    Los Che - The Valencia Experiance-valencia_cf_logo_original.png

    As Valencia C.F finally began their season under Mario Kempes they made a start which hasn't been very eye catching. In 2 games against Celtic in the UEFA Champions League and Racing Santander, there wasn't any stand out performances, with Los Che only netting 2 goals.

    As Mario Kempes and Manuel Llorente sat in Monaco awaiting the draw for the UEFA Champions League best placed finish they were drawn against Scottish league runner up's, Glasgow Celtic. The first game would be played at the Mestalla which gave Los Che the home advantage.

    When the 'Bhoys' arrived in Spain for their difficult trip, they were greeted with the news that Valencia winger Pablo Hernandez had signed for Inter Milan. The deal is said to be worth £15million for Valencia, but as of yet we have no news on whether or not Kempes will re-invest this money in his squad. He has recently had bids for Jose Antonio Reyes, Mikael Arteta and Diego Forlan all turned down which has left the Argentine with the pondering thought of; Is the squad even good enough?

    But, back to the task in hand which was Celtic. In a close game at the Mestalla, it was Valencia who took the game, 1-0. The goal came from Juan Manuel Mata after he met a deep cross from new Valencia captain Joaquin. Kempes commented after the game the performance was 'OK', and wasn't anything special. And he was right too. They only completed 61% of their passes in comparison to Celtic's 72%.

    The away leg didn't get much better as in the 85th minute a Giorgios Samaras goal sent hoops fans into raptures as he equalised the the aggrogate score. The tie went to extra time With Scott Brown missing followed by Samaras. It fell to Mathieu to save Valencia and help them Qualify for the Group Stages. He cooly converted whilst sending the keeper the wrong way.

    The Valencia players celebrate the shoot-out win

    It was then announced that Valencia would be given £6million for making it to this stage and that in their group they would be going head-to-head with Arsenal, Olympique Marseille and FC Kobenhavn. This is no easy group by any stretch of the imagination.

    Then, the return of LIga BBVA. As Los Che welcomed Racing Santander to the Mestalla their fans were heavily expectant of a win. It wasn't to be. The game ended 1-1 with forward Aritz Aduriz getting on the scoresheet. With nearly 46,000 fans leaving dissappointed, Los Che will really need to improve if they wish to push for anything this year.

    Aritz Aduriz celebrates his goal against Racing Santander

    The main change though apart from the manager is the change in system in which he has brought. Many of the current squad at Valencia are used to playing the 4-5-1 system with David Villa up top and looking for his off the ball movement. But Kempes has changed this. He has tried to change the influence of the play to mostly on the wings. This has seen Mata and Joaquin dictate a lot of the play. With 2 up top, Kempes seems to want the wider players to try and find the heads of the forwards. Thus far it has worked once with Aduriz scoring, but is a change on the cards already?

  30. pistolped7's Avatar pistolped7
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    Decent start, unlucky with Santander, but it's early days! Tough Champions League group, I always find Copenhagen to be my bogey team ... good luck there mate!

  31. Valencia 1-0 Espanyol
    Roberto Soldado 15'

    Following a succesful International Break it was back to business in the Liga BBVA for Valencia as they welcomed Espanyol to the Mestalla in hope of a win.

    And they got the win they needed. In another close game for Valencia in which again they should have done better in, they picked up a 1-0 victory. It was new frontman Roberto Soldado who netted the winner.

    The goal though was very well worked. As the keeper' Moya shifted the ball wide to RB Miguel, he passed the ball to the center to Manuel Fernandes who took it forward. Looking up, he spots an un-marked Joaquin on the wing. He finds Joaquin who dribbles forward before whipping the ball to the near post with a ferociously whipped cross. Soldado met this with a diving header before sending the Los Che supporters in raptures.

    Soldado jumps for joy as he nets his 1st of the season

    Chances came and went for both sides with Aritz Aduriz not finding his form as he missed several of these, including 2 one-on-one's. He also hit the bar twice before being substituted for Helder Postiga.

    Espanyol had there fair share too. Luis Garcia had his chances which he never took. It was a terribly open game for both sides which was never really captilised on. Valencia earned the 3 points, but they should have won this by so much more.

    Kempes refused to comment after the game and sent his assistant to the post-match interview. This sparked heated debates amongst fans and newspapers.

  32. pistolped7's Avatar pistolped7
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    Good result, hopefully this is the start of your season, good luck!

  33. Valencia's September Update

    Arsenal 3-1 Valencia
    Denilson 10, Maroune Chamakh 18, RobinVan Persie 28 - Alejandro Dominguez (pen) 85'

    Real Sociedad 3-2 Valencia
    Sergio 26, Antoine Griezmann 32, Raul Tamudo 89 - Artem Milevskyi 8, 11'
    Manuel Fernandes sent off'

    Valencia 1-0 Sevilla
    Aritz Aduriz 13'

    Getafe 2-3 Valencia
    Adrian Colunga 28, Javier Arizmendi 35 - Vicente 17, Angel Dealbert 39, 65'

    Valencia 2-1 Olympique Marseille
    Angel Dealbert 15, Aritz Aduriz (pen) 39 - Taye Taiwo (pen) 33'

    The month of September has finally been rounded up for Valencia C.F and they have had some very mixed results at first look. Good wins against Sevilla and Getafe have been counter-acted with defeats at The Emirates against Arsenal and defeat at R.Sociedad.

    It was new boy Chamakh who stole the show against Los Che at The Emirates. Following his arrival from Bordeoux, the Moroccan International has been on stunning form for the Gunners. This continued in this game as he netted whilst assisting Denilson and RVP for there goals in the game. He was deseravdly handed the MOM award. Argentine Dominguez reduced the embarresment by smashing a penalty home, but this was one of a few attacks that Los Che actually had through-out the game.

    Chamakh and his team-mates celebrate his goal

    Following this defeat the Valencia players were slated by Kempes who has came down very hard on them on there recent performances. They headed to Real Sociedad hoping to perform and get 3 points on the table. It wasn't to be as Los Che eventually slumped to a 3-2 defeat. The game started great as Valencia took a 2-0 lead via a brace from Artem Milevskyi. But things took a turn for the worst when Manuel Fernandes was dismissed for a dangerous tackle. Sociedad took control of the game and in he end scored 3 goals to take the match. It was a dramatic late goal which done it from Veteran Raul Tamudo.

    Valencia finally welcomed Sevilla to the Mestalla in a 'must win' for both manager and team. The pressure had already began to grew on the Los Che legend. But this result eased off the pressure as Valencia won the match 1-0. It was a smashing header from Aritz Aduriz that earned the points after a mazy run down the wing from Juan Manuel Mata. The cross was missed by the central defender and Aduriz took advantage.

    A thrilling game at Getafe seen Valencia pick up another 3 points as Angel Dealbert net a brace via 2 corners. It was a vital win for Los Che as they seem to have now began to pick up some good wins and turning in some good performances. Vicente also got himself on the scoresheet via a smashed shot from the edge of the box.

    Vicente and Aduriz celebrate the opener

    The final game of the month seen Marseille travel to Spain to face Valencia. In a close game, Valencia just pipt' it by winning 2-1. Central defender Dealbert again scored with a header from a corner whilst Aritz Aduriz netted again. Los Che now have 3 points in the group out of a possible 6.

    With October now upon Valencia and a game against Mallorca only days away, can Valencia and Mario Kempes maintain this good form they have began to pick up?

  34. AussieOchoa's Avatar AussieOchoa
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    going well mate a bit ironic you got Marseille eyy

  35. It's very weird I got them yeh. Not looking forward to playing them away I must admit! Thanks for the support so far, hopefully I can get a few more followers If you comment I'll tend to just put a 'like' as I dont want to clutter my thread with lots of 'Thanks mate' Etc

  36. Just read it all through, love this story, like to see how you do with Valencia. Good Luck and keep this going.

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