Non-League Achievement Thread
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  1. Non-League Achievement Thread

    I might be looking in the wrong place, but can't seem to find a thread that is dedicated to giving lower league managers the chance to boast of their successes, so thought I'd go one myself - it would be wasted on all those Prem / Football League cash-splashers!

    I've taken my local team Bestwood Albion from the East Midlands league (Level 10) up to the top of the Unibond League South (Level 8), odds on for promotion this year with about seven games left. Also won the FA Vase, as well as reaching the First Round Proper of the FA Cup twice in a row, breaking the tournament's scoring record in the process (27 goals in 7 games)

    What's more pleasing to me is that I have done it without spending a penny - the club were amateur in 2009/10, turned semi-pro and the bank balance is now touching £200,000.

    Your turn...

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  3. Accrington Stanley Season 1: Coca-Cola League 2 Winners, FA Cup 2nd Round, Johnstone Paint Trophy Semi-Final, League Cup 2nd Round.

    Accrington Stanley Season 2: Coca-Cola League 1 2nd (In Progress), FA Cup 4th Round (In Progress), Johnstone Paint Trophy Final (In Progress), League Cup 1st Round (Elimiated)

    Bank Balance: 300,000 Pounds
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  4. Looking forward to reading more of these!

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  5. Not sure you will get many more of these here, 2010 doesn't have many users these days.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Darandio View Post
    Not sure you will get many more of these here, 2010 doesn't have many users these days.
    Doesn't mean we're not around.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Roymo View Post
    Doesn't mean I'm not around.
    Let me correct that for you.

    Joking aside, good to see people still persevering with older versions.

  8. Update on Season 2: FA Cup: Reached Round 5 and lost to Everton 2-0. Sad as our team had 2 CCCs.
    Coca-Cola League 1: Secured a Playoff spot (36 Games gone)
    Johnstone Paint Trophy: Reached Final (Facing Charlton Athletic)
    Bank Balance: £800,000

    Off Topic, I guess, but In FM 2010, are regens that will come into our teams predestined, or is there a way to influence the quality of regens that come into our team?

  9. And, you all still play FM 2010? Wow! Thought you all would have gone on to the newer FM versions. To me, FM 2010 is still the best.

  10. Will post an update on the Johnstone Paint Trophy Final tomorrow! Hope I win!

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