Looking for a network game anyone?

  1. Looking for a network game anyone?

    hi, first time playing a network game. anyone intrested
    Leagues: English Premier League
    networkname: fm.2009.2010
    password: meerkat

    good luck in your game

  2. There's a thread for ''searching for network games'' use the search tool.

  3. I will but im not to sure what I have to do do I need to download Hamachi?

  4. yes u will need to download, its free though, i only downloaded it today :L

  5. alright ill join your ip or somthing vive me a bit to work it out

  6. give ME a bit to work it out

  7. What is the version ihave a 3.0 and when i go to network game i dont see a game to go to
    can you give me an a adress of server

  8. i will join m8 but hamachi network full

  9. neasonja have you got hamachi ?

  10. No
    .i dont like network gams

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