Xmas FM2010 10.2 network game... 2 players needed!
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  1. Xmas FM2010 10.2 network game... 2 players needed!

    Hi, basically we have just started a new game (myself and 4 others). we had more but had to remove for unforseen circumstances. We play every night from roughly about 6ish running thru xmas playing with prem teams only.

    the thing is, we have actually started the game, as i said we had to remove 1 or 2 players. the in-game date is 19th august 2009, 2 league games in with the transfer window still open. (I will allow time for newcomers to sit and setup their squad, bids etc.

    The 'big' teams available are: Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton.

    Applicants MUST be over 21, UK ONLY and available to play at least 5 nights a week

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  2. Tottenham!!!!!!!!!! give me all network details pls

  3. are you UK aswell m8?

  4. I am Dutch 25 years old
    There is no information about the demand to be form UK
    I am available very night

  5. sorry m8 i had to edit the post, its UK only im afraid, to keep the latency as low as poss. sorry

  6. Well its ok, there is critism about your playing style (good players, lol)

    bye bye

  7. criticism about my playing style?

    I've never hosted a game online, only between friends. So spiteful comments like that are completely unnecessary - please dont post again kid.
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  8. haha grandfather I would bet I am at least 3 years older than you Baby

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    What a fag lol

  9. No Need. Im looking for players, not an argument on a forum... Fuck off.

  10. Max's Avatar MaxPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Why over 21? Bit stupid.

  11. read 'SKYV's comments m8, thats why its over 21's only, not saying everyone under 21 acts like that but theres also a lot that do, sorry m8

  12. Doubt you'll get many players to be honest. I for one am only 14

  13. i only need 2 lol

  14. serious dont bother. the host keeps deleting everyones comments, there is over 100 changes to database to how much money clubs have, never played in a more hostile enviroment on a computer game. dont ruin your xmas and waste your time with this corupt game!

  15. you deleted my comment

  16. i didnt delete any comments, dont know how to so stop lying for a start.

    wow cutsy. interesting to see what a cunt you have become since u threw ur paddy when asked about ur transfer deals. What a Twat.

    If you cannot play the game.. just dont play. me hosting a network game and looking for players really has fuckall to do with either of you.. as you both cheat at the game and act like a pair of pricks most of the time. now get back on ya bike u fucking brats.

  17. hahaha your on a right power trip now your a host, last night around midnight there was a comment from kriss first, then andy, then me. now they have all magically dissapeared and now tiraths saying you deleted his comment. and im a liar. dont play with this joker. merry xmas 2 you 2 prick!

  18. oh my god your fucking thick lol


    you think ive deleted your comments... you posted them on the topic where i posted the rules you thick CUNT !!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    (and they are still there)

    if your gonna try be smart at least back it up with some sort of wit about you for fuck sake lad.

    Merry Xmas to you too mate, if your a good boy santa might bring you some fucking manners.

  19. how can you say i cant play the game. i won the premier league by 14 points and u was MAN U PR1CK. maybe your database edits will help you do better this game lol

  20. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    ur not doing well gitting players for this are you hahaha !!

  21. keeping the database up to date... imagine that... :\ maybe i should do what u do mate and try hosting a game with no clue about anything and get run into the ground by cheaters to the point where u started cheating yourself.

    @ Parker... why would i struggle? My games fair and no kids or cheats are allowed... thats a bad thing?

    you should join cutsys game then m8, he plays with cheaters, laggers and kids

  22. fair enough rick you did create 3 threads. maybe my fault but the principles are all the same. please check all rickys/pr1cks threads before joining this game to get the full story. no need to get personel you lanky streak off piss

  23. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    ohhhh im a kid YASSSSSSSS!! cos theirs been one person ask if he can join and u said noo cos hes not from uk ur pafetic mate

  24. and to think i spent my time making a skin so pricks like this can use it. fucking apalling.

    parker, go to bed lad, its after 7.

  25. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    ave never used ur skin PRICK ohhhh hilarious alot of the people on this thread are quite young
    here mate whit age do u think am it ?

  26. im in full agreement with you parker, ricky why are you nasty to everyone mate

  27. Can admin close this thread please. I have my 2 players and dont wish to debate anything with keyboard warriors, thanks.

  28. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    hes nasty because hes picking on the guys younger than him hes a prick anyway

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    you leaven cos u cant take negative comments mate awww (but im the one whos a kid yeno ?)

  29. Joe's Avatar Joe
    Modern Day Legend
    ricky youre an arse mate, seriously i could bet at least half the people on the site are kids, i could get kris or sean to clarify this, and werent you the cheater ricky

  30. i cheat now? this is getting better. explain...

  31. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    tbh wit all the comments on this thread its as if no one likes u on here ino im not the most popular person but cume on

  32. im in full agreement with you again parker and joe aswel. anyway i dont wana get kicked off site so i wont post again on here aslong as you leave everyones posts on here for the proper gamers to see. thanks for support from everyone across all the threads.

  33. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    here mate u didnt answer what age u faught i was PR1KY i mean r1cky

  34. theres no words to describe to be honest. i love the thanyou message from cutsy coz hes had suppourt from 2 people, yet ive ran him into the ground with facts these 2 people are none the wiser to, but still, i expect these twats on forums - happens everywhere. especially with the avatar im using

  35. ricky u just deleted my last post mate, does the truth hurt, i said it would be my last post conditional to wether you left it on for the general public. thanks again for everyones support across all rickys threads. merry xmas everybody

  36. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    see when u said twats does that include me ? if so thanks

  37. ur posts still there... from what i seen u cant delete posts so why talk so much shit? u lie so much m8 its actually impressive. Or maybe u posted on sky sports website or something and forgot... worth a look!

  38. LOL parker. rick/pr1ck iv had support off at least 12 people, the number will increase the more people read your threads or participate in your games. run me into the ground what are you talking about mate. stop trying to bully people!

  39. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    i agree with cutsy ur a bully but really ur not very good at it cos every time u say something u always get shut down u dont like answering my questions babe first it was the one with what age do u think i am and the other wheir am i a twat or sumething answer please

  40. ok cuntsy u keep imagining people like you imagine forum posts m8

    and parker, im not responding to ANY post you have as you wouldnt have a clue what i was on about + your a bit too young for me to waste time on. stop chasing an argument.

  41. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    Quote Originally Posted by r1cky View Post
    ok cuntsy u keep imagining people like you imagine forum posts m8
    again man answer my question and here "M8" i like him so thats one more person that likes him than you then?

  42. lol thanks for your freind request parker. il let you know when a proper game starts and you would be more then welcome to join regardless of age. de-scriminating people of age/nationality/students is something i am completely against ricky. that is an all time low even for you

  43. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    naw this is about his level buddy hes a wank

  44. pity some of these comments would never get said to me in person

    Nevermind eh.

  45. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    much you beatin mate ? a could swear on mah maws life a would

  46. i only speak english, and ur about 10. just drop it your making urself look ridiculous now

  47. Parker_Rangers_1873's Avatar Parker_Rangers_1873
    First Team
    ohh is tht suposed to be a scotish joke haha am 14 mate

    ---------- Post added at 07:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:43 PM ----------

    am making myself look rediculous have u looked at ur advatar :L?and also im rediculous wen ur on here trying to defend ur self trying to act hard to a 14 year old what age u then mate ?

  48. ricky threatning 14 year olds tut tut

    hahahaha believe me i would say it in person, iv seen more meet on a sparrows kneecap then in that picture of you

  49. Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    Why over 21? Bit stupid.
    After reading through this thread I think the answer why he's asked for people over 21 is pretty fucking obvious.

  50. i really hope admin sees this and removes it. people trying to turn what i say into ragism/age desrepincy/threats... ive never ever seen anything so pathetic in all my life. if you cannot handle the pressure of me posting a topic looking for honest, mature players then just dont post. why come in making urselves look pathetic? theres no need, because A. you obviously get made to look stupid. And B. It ruins the topic and creates pages of spamming, pointless shit. I dont care how old you are just try and conduct yourselves like you would when ur in a supermarket or something and not like a bunch of cunts that have never seen the light of day.

    THE END.

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