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Show off Your Regen Players

  1. Show off Your Regen Players

    I thought it will be a good idea to start posting pics of our regen players. I mean, the best ones or some potential..

    I got this one, jalal el kadouri, he`s playing substitute for Dzeko, buyed him from Dnipro for about 5 mil euros (my currency is km so i must change into € )

    what do you think of him ?

    also, post yours..

  2. Isn't there already a thread on regens?

    Still, a decent regen there mate.

  3. He's not too bad, ive not really come across any regens in my game yet.

  4. dont know about that other thread, sorry, maybe it`s not like this one ? to post pics or so.

    yeah, he`s good and scores.

  5. yeah that was for lat year. this thread is good.

  6. Liverpool FC I'm back..
    I have not come across any good ones yet. I am only in the 2nd season so that could be why.

    Don't normally find any good ones till around the 4th season or is that just me.?

  7. I dont normally find any really good ones until about season 3

  8. tomomate's Avatar tomomate
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    this 16 regen is amazing. just found him on my bristol city game. only halfway through 1st season as well

    can't sign him until end of 2nd season tho. bet he'll be amazing

    Show off Your Regen Players-guillaume-thouvenin.png

    this guy looks promising too. can't believe i gotta wait tho. grrr

    Show off Your Regen Players-gerson-garc%C3%AD.png

  9. I came across a really promising regen in my first season believe or not lol he's a centre back plaed for Rayo in Spain bought on the cheap and hes 17 now.

    Show off Your Regen Players-12.-jes%C3%BAs-ortiz.png

  10. Joe's Avatar Joe
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    regens are the most exciting part of the game to me, love in 20 years when your team is full of regens

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