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  1. Create Team Graphics

    Could somebody create the config files for Harchester United, I have the badge and kits I want to use to create the team but I can not get the kits and badges to work.

    The Badge is :
    2062002128.png.png attachment

    Home kit is :
    2062002128_h.png attachment

    Away kit is :
    2062002128_a.png attachment

    Third kit is :
    2062002128_t.png attachment
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  2. your kits are 2 big ill make you kits for you and your logo and your config files then you can tell me what you think!

  3. Ok mate thank you

  4. Here you go m8 all done with config files...

    Download Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by wh2008uk View Post
    Here you go m8 all done with config files...

    Download Here
    Could you make me some Liverpool kits if i told you what i want.?

    I would like my own style

  6. I have tried to add the kits into the game but it still shows the old ones but the badge works could anyone help me to get the kits to work

  7. make sure you kits are here C:\Documents and Settings\your name \My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics\Kits ill have a look on my game and see what the problem is.
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  8. checked that and it still dose not work :/ if you could fix this it would be much appreciated mate

  9. Did you create this team or are thay in it because this is tv Dream team

  10. I created the team

  11. try this Download

  12. Still don't work mate : /

  13. then i dont know whats up ask someone with editing exp

  14. ok mate cheers for the help with it all

  15. ok np m8

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