What Tactic should i use?

  1. I need a tactic that will work well with my Newcastle side. I've been trying to use a 4-5-1 tactics with the DM, 2 CM's and 2 Inside Forwards but I've been getting no luck at all. I have been fairly decent defensively so far but my team really struggles to score.

    My starting 11 is usually:





    Ben Arfa----------------Gutierrez


    Sergio Araujo
    Leon Best
    R. Taylor

    I also have a budget of £20M I could use to bring in some new players if you have any suggestions to strengthen my side.

  2. looking for a tactic to use with inter milan tried to make a 343 but failled can any one help pls

  3. Quote Originally Posted by alfonz5 View Post
    looking for a tactic to use with inter milan tried to make a 343 but failled can any one help pls
    I've always found complete dominance to be the best

  4. I need an away tactic for Juventus. I always struggle in away games whenever playing as a big team

    I have Criscito, Chiellini, Kjaer & Cassani at the back and they are solid.

    Lots of flair and creativity in midfield - Paulo Henrigue, Kaka, Marchisio, Pirlo; Fellaini & Moussa Sissikho for more defensive roles.

    For the flanks I have Bale, Krasic, Pepe & Podolski who can also play up front.

    Up front i now have Lisandro Lopez, Tevez, Iaquinta and two younger players im developing - Soulimane Coulibaly & Mattia Destro

    Basically I really need a way to win away games using wingers - cus Bale is my best attacking player and won Seria A highest avg rating last season. But i don't know how to score goals aplenty away from home with one striker up front (eg.4-5-1) and also every time i play away my scouts tell me I should play deep, narrow and slow in the next game - every game! lol

    What should I do? Any tips much appreciated, thanks

  5. I need a tactic for my Everton team in my second season my team is gk: Howard RB: lucas neill CB: jageilka CB: mancienne LB: Baines RM: odonker LM: pienaar CM taarbat CM Gosling CAM: Arteta ST: Levezzi

    SUBS: jo, anichebe, jones, neville, distin, osman, ashdown
    cahill is injured not sure whether to play two upfront or what can anyone help me out?

  6. man Utd players are Scholes Giggs valencia Di maria Ozil Gignac berbatov Owen Hulk Ferdinand Vidic Rafael Fabio nani JS Park....Direct passing 4-4-2. Attacking

  7. yo. i just got accepted as head coach of ghana (playing as man utd from the start) and would like to know which formation is the best to use. thanks.

    edit: oh, sry, didnt realise i was in the fm2010 tactics thread (got linked here, didnt doublecheck)
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  8. I've mailed you mate, but I didn't see this thread, anything for an away day? I'm struggling away badly and losing points where i should really be taking them!

  9. First time member on here. Have been using FM2010 for some time. I am managing Hartlepool United and among my players are Andy Monkhouse, Leon Sweeney, Anthony McSweeney and Adam Boyd.

    I was told on Footballmanagermad.com when it comes to all leagues when playing 4-4-2 this should be the strategy

    Philosophy: Balanced
    Creative Freedom: Expressive
    Closing Down: Press More
    Tackling: Default
    Marking: Man
    Crossing: Default
    Roaming: More Roaming

    Roles: Default
    Duties: Default

    Attacking Corners: 6 Yard Box
    Free Kicks: Best Header

    Central Defenders should attack corners (1 x Challenge Keeper & 1 x Attack Near Post) and all players baring a striker Man Marking.

    Now, I don't set the above order but I do all of the above that every time, but am not doing well at all. I have:
    Pl 8 Won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 5 GD+10 GD-17 Pts 5.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help? When it comes to the Mentality I vary as the game goes on depending on how I am doing. Sometimes I switch to Attacking, sometimes to Overload, sometimes to Control. I just try them all till I get back in the game but I never do. I always end up losing 3-0 or 4-1.
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  10. Don't forget to assign each player duties, and the duties need to be compatible with your play.

    So consider what position description (box-2-box, winger, poacher...) suits which player best, then does that role fit intended game play?

    I did similar setups initially before realising later it didn't suit my player talents. And while some work there wasn't any consistency.

    I've since moved away from others formulas and working sh!t out on my own
    Luckily I are a patient man.

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