Mr Hough's Wonder Tactic

  1. Which is the better of Mr Hough's tactics? I'm having trouble finding the right formula even when giving 10 matches for the players to adapt to the tactics.

  2. i use the GCS 1 with notts county got promotion then i left um 4th in league 1 went to wigan still using them and got them 6th in the premn fa cup final so i would advise using the GCS BETA

  3. anyone can reupload this tactic please? (classic version)

  4. anyone help with this I cant find this tactic anywhere?

  5. can anyone please reupload the wizard version?

  6. Which version is the best?

  7. i can anyone give me this 2 tactics for give a try please?

    My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch

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