This BRILLIANT Tactic.
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  1. This BRILLIANT Tactic.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^

    Firstly I just want to say I did not make this tactic and take no credit, but I just wanted to share it with everyone because im doing so well with it, im Man City, half way through the season, undefeated and looking sharp.

    I suggest good attacking midfielders right and left, im using Mario Balotelli and Pato.

    Also Micah richards at right centre back literally wont stop scoring.

    Enjoy this persons good hard work.


  2. well with your team it sound like every tactic will work

  3. I'm cynical about the fact your centre back 'won't stop scoring'...

    Corner bug?

  4. Corner bug? never heard of it but yes richards i think has scored all his goals from corners, not as much now but hes still scored on average 0.5 goals a game or so.

  5. test it with a few teams first not just one

  6. This tactic is annoyingly good...

    I can't imagine a tactic that will get more possession or more goals...

    I have been scoring 5-6 goals per game, having over 60% possession with my AC Milan. I just finished a game against Roma with 77% possession, lol.

    And Thiago Silva (DC) just scored a hat-trick against Juventus, in the only game I scored 3 goals (usually 5-6).

    I'm mostly impressed with the corner kick and free kick tactics. It's my third season with Milan and I can count on my fingers how many corner and FK goals I made. With this tactic, it's rare to not score at least once on "set pieces".

    I read another thread explaining how those corner tricks work, and proposing a Tactic very similar to this one. Does anyone know the link? It explains that the right defender should have good Heading, that the CMF in the left is the playmaker, and so on. I believe it is the same tactic, with better explanations.

    I adapted the tactic a little bit to my AC Milan (I have Villa, Dzeko, Pato, Borriello, many good STs), and actually turned it into a 4-3-3 (although the creator mentions 4-3-3, the one you download is a 4-5-1, with 2 wingers). I only have one good winger (Di Maria), and maybe Gourcuff for the right side, but my MCs play better in the middle.

    So I changed both wingers for STs, and I leave only Villa attacking (Advanced Forward or Poacher), while Dzeko and Pato are Deep Lying/Support. I also turned the Full Backs into a Support Duty, because having them attack seemed too much of a risk (a lot of counter-attacks).

    So with Gourcuff and Pirlo as Advanced and Deep Lying Playmakers, three top-level STs (keep rotating with Borriello and some youngsters like Zigoni) and reasonable defense, I'm doing very good.

    Not sure I'll keep the tactics though, because it's so good and so tweaked it feels like cheating...


  7. Exactly, just finished 4th on mine, would of done better if i used it earlier on.

  8. way to corner cheat by the sounds of it all.

  9. This tactic is actually pretty "untweaked" compared to the majority of dominant tactics around, except for set pieces. Badao, you shouldn't feel bad if you like using it, or you can make your own in wizard using this tactic's basic settings as a starting point, or incorporate the things you like into your own.. Honestly I think this is a nice example that shows you don't need perfectly adjusted changes to all the advanced sliders to have a fairly solid tactic.

    The player sliders are all left at default with one exception (the CM holds up ball); it's really only some of the team settings (like tempo and defensive line, focus passing etc) that are adjusted beyond wizard choices.

    It doesn't use the lurker/penalty area cheat. I don't know how the older 10.2 far post bug was setup, so I can't say if it's that or not, but I thought they fixed that one anyway. Either way, I don't think it's fair that some of the posts so far are accusing the creator of using the corner bug without taking the 30 seconds to download and look at the setup first. The corner is to far post, with one guy standing on far post, 2 attack from deep, one short option, one flick, 2 challenge keeper, one near post. If that's considered a corner bug then fine. I scored maybe one goal every other game off corners, and I'm not convinced that's all that disproportionate by FM standards where scoring 5+ goals every league game is what you'd expect from half the tactics posted on here.

  10. loveangel,

    You're right. There's not as much tweaking as many other tactics. I just try to keep the game as "real" as possible, if you know what I mean. Not sure why it's not working as well with you, but "one corner goal every other game" is far from what I am getting here . I get one EVERY game and sometimes two (as I said, once Thiago Silva did a hat-trick against JUVENTUS, lol).

    I believe that with good corner takers and decent headers, it's quite unfair to keep this tactic, for it will lead to so many goals from DC one might have a DC as his top scorer and best player of the year. I mean it.

    But I understand that are other tactics that tweak more and lead to incredible results. I try to avoid them . What I did is keep some of the team instructions (such as Closing Down) and some ideas, but adapted to my style of play and to a more reasonable approach. For instance, no team pushes up so much for a whole game (DF Line was all the way to the right) and no team have FBs set to ATTACK all the time... it's just crazy. If this works in the game, it shouldn't...

    So I did more changes to the tactics and now I have a reasonable tactic for my Milan (4-3-3). I leave the FBs as automatic, I changed some of the team settings (Fluid Philosophy instead of Very Fluid, No More Roaming, and so on), and turned it into a more defensive/stable approach. Now I don't score so many goals, but I don't concede as much either. And I expect to win my games by the talent of Villa, Pato, Pirlo and Gourcuff, and not by the heading abilities of my DCs. That's it...


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