My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch

  1. My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch

    Hy there

    I made a 5-3-2 tactic that I would like others to test out, if it's worth uploading to the site. There's a home and away version.

    I made it for my NK Maribor team from Slovenia. Conftarbly won the League. Went to Europa League after geting knockt out in the 4. round CL qulies against Partizan (0:1).

    I tested the tactic in holiday mode at Feyenoord and came 3. (media prediction 5.). Well if you can call it testing

    Would apreciate some feedback, so I can know if it's good or not Minimum of 10 games for team geling.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch-slovenian-first-league.png   My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch-euro-cup.png   My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch-eredivisie.png  

    My 5-3-2 tactic for 10.3 Patch-nk-maribor.png  
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  2. Wont let me download the fils for some reason,. but if i get around this ill check them, considering i normally play attacking in every game i start, ill have a dig at this formation and let you know.

    Could u try uploadong onto something else as both files say this

    Your IP address is currently downloading a file.
    Please wait till the download process is completed.

    Im not even downloading anything.

  3. Ok done, try it now.

  4. Got them

    I'll give them a shot and get back to ya, just goin on ps3 but ill defo check them.

  5. Anyone tried it yet?

  6. can anyone upload this 2 tactics please?

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