Please HELP!!

  1. Please HELP!!

    I went onto Football Manager 2010 and tried to load up my game and the game said that The save game could not be loaded. However it worked a couple of hours earlier
    Is there a fix to this problem or have I got to start a brand new game

    Another problem I have is the xml parsing error. The game continues to work but the taskbar appears on the game. (see picture below)
    Is there a fix on this or not.
    The error message reads

    XML parsing error!
    not well-formed (invalid token) at line1 of Profile0.xml

    Please Help
    Many Thanks
    Please HELP!!-fm-2010.jpg

  2. The XML Parsing Error!
    not well-formed (invalid token) at line1 of Profile0.xml
    It means that one of the profiles you created is corrupted. Delete all your profiles in the Add Manager section and the XML Parsing Error should be gone.

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