How To: FM 2010 Windowed Mode
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  1. How To: FM 2010 Windowed Mode

    For those of us who run with 1024 x 768 resolution (or less) we have to take a few steps to get FM running in windowed mode.

    Steam Users
    Step 1 - Navigate to your 'My Games' tab on Steam.

    Step 2 - Right click on Football Manager 2010 and select 'Properties'.

    Step 3 - Click on the 'Set launch options...' button.

    Step 4 - In the text box that pops up enter this: -small_screen -windowed


    Shortcut Users
    Step 1 - Simply create a shortcut to your FM.exe

    Step 2 - Right click on go onto the properties.

    Step 3 - In the target text box add this to the end of the line: [i]-small_screen -windowed


    Enjoy, but beware some data may be hidden on FM due to the less than optimal resolution.

  2. You can just do it on preferences can't you?

  3. Not if your resolution is 1024 x 768 or lower.

  4. Larsen1717's Avatar Larsen1717
    Arsenal Trainee
    Is this really the only thing to do? Aren't any other opportunities?

  5. Thanks Lee

  6. Thanks was wondering how you did that, just found it in the preferences. I have two monitors (one with game and internet running on the other). It was becoming annoying everytime i clicked on the other screen to write online my game minimizes but now its sorted as its in a window...

  7. Thanks Lee, first i could choose window in the FM 10 menu, in prefences in the game, but its gone so i have to use this.

  8. ok thanks mate good to know

  9. Just a note to Netbook users. When I tried to launch FM it wouldn't appear and just stayed in the processes list but never showed up. All I had to do was set it to windowed mode and it loads just fine.

  10. When i set it to windowed mode it froze alot making it almost impossible to play
    Is there a reason for this?

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