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How To Take A Screenshot of FM 2010
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  1. How To Take A Screenshot of FM 2010

    I don't think there is a guide on this and i have seen a fair few people asking how to take a screenshot so i am going to show you what to do

    Step 1
    You need to create a screenshot folder you can do this by going to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 and then create a new folder called screenshots.

    Step 2
    When you are on the game and you are on the screen you want to take a screenshot of press ALT + F9 and then that will take the screenshot and that will now be in your screenshot folder

    Step 3 Uploading the screenshot onto FM-Base
    When you are posting you will see a paper clip icon.? All you do is click that icon and then click Choose then you will need to find the screenshot and that is in the folder you have just created so go to that folder and double click on the image you can upload 6 images at a time but if you do decide to upload more it will take longer to upload so you have decided how many you want to upload press Upload it will now say Uploading File(s) - Please Wait the upload will be complete once that has gone then all you have to do is post and the screenshots will appear on your post

    BTW - If you don't want to go to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 all the time if you right click in the screenshot folder and select create shortcut you will get a new file which you can place anywhere you want and they will also appear in there when you press ALT + F9

    Thanks Hope This Helped
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  2. you bet. hope this will stop people from asking the same question repeatedly

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cmh9090 View Post
    you bet. hope this will stop people from asking the same question repeatedly
    Well it should do but there will still be some

  4. Thx m8!
    Really helpful!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by iluxon4ik View Post
    Thx m8!
    Really helpful!
    No problem.

    If anyone does have any problems please say so or pm me and i will try my best to help you

  6. I bet you had to google how to do this... you suck. Your life is a whole fail.
    I joke, i joke. Well.. You probably had to google this ini...


    pfft, i already knew all this

    recognise that? You posted it on my first thread a week ago

    This thread is very helpful mate Suprised it hasn't been done yet tbh. Loads of people wondering how to do this. Hell.. Even i had problems with my print screens :|

  7. thanks ..............

  8. i do this m8 but it does not appear in my screenshots folder? what do i do?

  9. Did you create the screenshot folder in the sports interactive folder.?

    And are you sure you pressed ALT F9

  10. does it not go in the fm10 folder? cos thats where i put it

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