Playing lower-division team

  1. Playing lower-division team

    Posted in the General Forum, but in case there may be a solution with regards to the editor, I am posting here as well...

    Hey all, first post.

    I've been playing the FM series for several years, and have always wished I had the ability to take up the challenge of playing my home team, the Portland Timbers.

    We have been promoted to MLS for the following MLS season, so I was hoping that the timing would be such that the team would finally be playable for FM11. To my dismay, they aren't, although the real team IS in the FM database now (had a great time scouting my favorite players' stats last night. They did quite a good job must say! As expected...)

    Anyhoo, is there any way to play a second division US team in the game? OR, is there some way to get the team auto-promoted to MLS so that I can play them from the start? I've looked around at editors but can't find anything yet...

    If there's any creative way to work around this so I can play them, please do tell. Thx!

  2. You will have to add new nation rules to the US. To do this click the 'Add nation rules' button on the left pane. Select the US, and 'Add lower divisions and cups to existing structure'.

    Now you should just be able to select the second division - 'American Developmental League' I believe it is called and set its status to from 'Inactive Division' to 'League'.

    Test the nation rules (it is on the left pane as well). I will give you a bunch of errors saying there aren't enough teams in certain divisions. You can either create those teams and add them to the divisions, or reduce the number of minimum teams required for that league so the error goes away. Either way will work - it depends on how much time you want to spend on it really.

    A crash course in nation rule editing

    If you don't want to do this yourself, or want a complete DB with all the teams ect. you could make a DB request in this thread and one of a couple of experienced editors will make the DB for you

    Edit: Oh. The thread is closed... Sorry... lol
    Here is another DB request thread.
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  3. looks like I've got to find that editor.

    will do so, give this a go, then report back! thanks so much for the quick response! Great to know there might be a way to do this after all.

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    I do this using FMRTE, correct?

    I can only find the FM2011 demo version... is the full version FMRTE not out yet?

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    Sorry, as I'm toying with this have more questions. Am I capable of doing this without the FMRTE? Are your instructions for the editor that comes with FM11?

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    playing with this, wow i have to set up all the league rules eh.

    is there a way to just move one team up to MLS? or swap them with a team currently in MLS?

  4. Irrelevant. Oops, sorry! Please delete :\

  5. I'm referring to the official editor for the full version of FM11. There is no official editor for the demo.

  6. figured out how to play as the team, thx for the help!

    been googling it, but can't figure out how to actually move the team to MLS though?

    anyone know if it's possible?

  7. Option 1 is work you way up to the MLS
    Option 2 is to use a .edt file to swap two teams. There is a guide here on how to make edt files. It is for FM09 but it still applies to FM11.

  8. For some reason in the editor it wouldn't let me relegate/promote teams. I think because the MLS is growing in total size and teams are applying to join rather than winning their way into the league, perhaps the editor doesn't allow this to happen? And I'm assuming if I win the league in the game, it won't promote me either...

    I will check that guide out. thx again for replies.

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    boo... won't let me register to view that page...

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