FM 2011 Huge Database

  1. FM 2011 Huge Database

    This modifications is only for those who want to have the huge database (i know that is a custom database, but don't offer the player diversity). I decided to make it for FM 2011 because i got some good reviews and even if it was a little bit trickier that FM 2010, i managed to create the file (old style).

    Huge Database FM 2011 Screenshot

    So, here is what you need to do: download the file and add it here: (My)Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\ and add the panels folder there and you should have the huge database in the game.

    This pack is for those who want to play FM 2011 with huge database.

    FM 2011 Huge Database Download

  2. Will use this.. wouldnt be surprised if my laptop spontaniously combusted though..

  3. This has already been posted.

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