Psycho1970's Database Collection

  1. Psycho1970's Database Collection


    All My Big Projects, Requested Dbs and Competition Dbs will appear here or have a link to when finished or awaiting approval from download section.

    Coming soon

    Psycho's World Super League
    Super 8's League System v3 (vastly Improved)

    Ready to Download

    The World is Equal
    Anglo-Scottish Cup
    British Cup

    Super 8's League System
    All New Champions League
    On its Head
    World Leagues + Regional Continental Comps(FM11)

    Any Comments or Suggestions on improving Dbs always welcome.

    Any Requests Please Direct to Here

    Any Suggestions on Legend Teams Please Direct to Here

    Thank you for your ideas, to Anyone who has Requested a Db and it appears here.

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  2. What's the world is equal?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by The Shots View Post
    What's the world is equal?
    All will become clear when it's ready for download

  4. good stuff psycho, i'll be keeping my eye on this for sure

    best editor on base imo

  5. Quote Originally Posted by psycho1970 View Post
    All will become clear when it's ready for download
    So basically all leagues/nations get the same rep?

  6. Just finished All New Champions League and testing now, as long as no major problems found in test will upload tonight and will upload screenshots here to give you a preview.

    Also added a link above for the Super 8's thread and download, remember if you would like me to do v2 or not please vote.

    Will be finishing off On its Head Tonight/Tomorrow so should be available to download midweek.

    Any suggestions on future Databases you would like to see welcome.

  7. what do all of these do ??!?!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by westbromste View Post
    what do all of these do ??!?!
    Click on links and a description is available for each Db before Download

  9. Later than anticipated but here's a little Preview of All New Champions League should be downloadable tomorrow or Thursday just waiting for approval.

    A quick Summary 64 teams from 32 nations League winners + runner up from each nation

    32 winners compete in 2 groups top 8 from each group progress into championship playoff
    bottom 8 from each group into relegation Playoff

    32 runners up compete in 2 groups top 8 from each group progress into Promotion Playoff bottom 8 from each group into relegation playoff

    The 32 winners Entered into Champions Trophy 1st rd 32 teams KO 2nd rd 4 groups of 4
    3rd rd 2 groups of 4 semi-final and final 2 leg fixtures

    All 64 teams entered into UEFA cup 1 leg KO cup with replays if match drawn

    All nations leagues are correct ie Man Utd still in English Prem All UCL teams are afillerated with their nation Counterparts players, move freely.

    Current UCL comp still active.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-cup-information_-stages-2.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-cup-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-trophy-information_-stages-2.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-trophy-information_-rules-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-trophy-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-secondary-division-information_-stages-2.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-secondary-division-information_-rules-2.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-secondary-division-information_-rules-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-secondary-division-information_-stages-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-league-information_-stages-5.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-league-information_-stages-4.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-league-information_-stages-3.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-league-information_-rules-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-league-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-uefa-champions-league-information_-stages-2.png  

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  10. All New Champions League Ready to Download now see OP for link

  11. OP updated Super 8's Ready for download and uploading On its Head and World Leagues +Regional Continental Comps should be ready to download in next 48 hours.

  12. Screenshots for On it's Head
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Psycho1970's Database Collection-english-premier-division-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-blue-square-bet-north-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-blue-square-bet-south-information_-league-table-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-french-cfa-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-french-cfa-b-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-french-cfa-c-information_-league-table-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-french-cfa-d-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-ligue-1-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-german-first-division-information_-league-table-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-german-third-division-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-eredivisie-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-eerste-divisie-information_-stages-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-serie-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-italian-serie-c2_c-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-italian-serie-c2_b-information_-league-table-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-italian-serie-c2_a-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-portuguese-second-division-south-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-portuguese-second-division-central-information_-league-table-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-portuguese-second-division-north-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-spanish-second-division-b1-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-spanish-second-division-b2-information_-league-table-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-spanish-second-division-b3-information_-league-table-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-spanish-second-division-b4-information_-league-table-.png  

  13. Screenshots for World League + Regional Continental Competitions(FM11)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-premeiro-liga-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-premeiro-liga-information_-stages-2.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-campeonato-liga-information_-stages-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-campeonato-liga-information_-stages-2.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-um-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-um-information_-stages-2.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-dios-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-dios-information_-stages-2.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-tr%C3%A9s-information_-stages-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-tr%C3%A9s-information_-stages-2.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-fa-clube-copa-information_-schedule-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-liga-copa-information_-schedule-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-mundial-juventude-copa-information_-schedule-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-europeu-copa-information_-stages-.png   Psycho1970's Database Collection-europeu-copa-information_-schedule-.png  

    Psycho1970's Database Collection-sul-americana-copa-information_-schedule-.png  

  14. World League + Regional Continental Competitions(FM11)

    Is now ready for download, screenshots above. OP updated

  15. Auction game Db for CalumE5. any thing yu want changing tweaking let me know
    Attached Files

  16. Super 8's League System v3

    Now with 16 nations and a new league cup per nation involving level 2-5 teams.
    Completely re-built from scratch download should be ready within 48 hrs.

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