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Football Manager 2012 Data Editor
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  1. Football Manager 2012 Data Editor

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  2. I'd be fine with some of the staff editor features unlocked, that's all.
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  3. I would like it to be much easier to create clubs and competitions. Like auto-fill created teams with regens.
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  5. shadowsc2's Avatar shadowsc2
    Hajduk Split, Junak, Blackpool, Leeds United, Barcelona, Villareal, San Marino, Messi etc. First Team
    The best thing I'd like to be able to do is to create a whole new made-up league... that's something I'd like to do and although it sounds like a lot of people would be doing it... but a whole made-up league with made-up clubs, coaches, players, rules etc. I don't think so...

  6. i would like to see the ability to transfer list player in the editor and maker players unhappy at current club, also if you create a team and make them super rich they dont go in2 administration 2months in to season happens all the bloody time itsss soooo frustrating!!

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  8. It would be pretty cool if you could create your own regen face when creating a player!!!!

  9. I'd like to be able to have a limitless transfer budget & balance, just to play around with in game. Also the ability to see/edit profile data of retired people in football I.E George best, Pele, Cafu etc. Maybe the ability to design a new stadium in some way, also dont see the point of being able to add a retractable roof when it makes no difference in game (atleast I havent noticed any change!). One thing i'd love to see in the actual game would be an Online Hall of Fame, t'would be awesome.

  10. Data editor? Maybe editing default competitions, like changing team numbers. I'd needed that this year, for editing MLS.

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