How much money did you pay for Hulk?
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  1. i payed 30 mill solid, he is amazing and worth every penny...!
    season 2010/2011

  2. i payed 7.25 million they transfer listed him after the second season

  3. Malarkey's Avatar Malarkey
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      what a waste of time, why are you doing this?
      lol, you have no life...
    Crystal Palace First Team
    Quote Originally Posted by arsenal7 View Post
    i payed 7.25 million they transfer listed him after the second season
    Pics? Or it didn't happen.

  4. GeordieRichee's Avatar GeordieRichee
    Newcastle United / FC Porto Rotation
    I got him for £16.5 mil in the first transfer window on 11.3

  5. I still have him in my Porto side 3rd season amidst a lot of interest. My price tag is 45million, so I guess 45 million it is.
    But seriously, I haven't ever signed him but he is definitely worth whatever you have to pay to get him.

  6. 20million over 48 months, First season in january.

  7. £9 from HMV, preferred the 2nd one though.

    I payed 20m in 2nd season

  8. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Newcastle United, FC Barcelona Why So Serious?
    16m first season with Newcastle.

  9. First season i bid 35 mil they wanted 45 mil i waited till jan and tried again got him for 22mil, 10 mil upfront the rest over 48mths.

  10. I dont get it, you guys got Hulk for below 30M in 2nd season whilst they dont even wanna sell to me for 30M Hang on, I'm sure I remembered that when I made a negotiable bid around 17M, they want 27.5M. Obviously not anymore. Why is that?Also I did try to get him in first season for 16M, but they rejected. I'm confuse

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