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Best poacher?
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  1. Best poacher?

    Is it true that Huntelaar is the best poacher? he has highest finishing

  2. hellroker's Avatar hellroker
    Tottenham Hotspur, Pune FC and Edmar "F9" Figueira Modern Day Legend
    Just finishing doesnt mean that he is the best poacher, there are other stats required as well. A poacher needs to be fast,have good first touch,dribbling and composure as well as lethal finishing

  3. Vanger love is a contender

  4. Reece_Hope's Avatar Reece_Hope
    • Reece_Hope's Avatar
    • I hate Luis Arigones... "hey Reyes you can be better then that black bastard Henry"
      Erm Mr. Arigones when you have stopped smoking crack lets look at the two.. Reyes.. or Mousier Va Va Voom..?
      i also don't like Alex Ferguson, hes like the Queen.. he just wont go away...

    Arsenal. Has a soft spot for Millwall, Barcelona, Coventry and Aston Villa Backup
    Edin Dzeko once he is settled he is a beast

  5. Alberto Paloschi

  6. Can you recommend me a poacher? my poacher have missed chances many times

  7. Your budget?

  8. Kevin Gameiro if you are middle team in PL

  9. mccollio09's Avatar mccollio09
    Liverpool Star Player
    The best one I've seen on FM, certainly after two seasons, is Chicarito, he had at least 17 on all the stats required on my save... Which sucks lol. I had Sanogo and he scored more goals than games after a few seasons, which was logical as all my tactics went through him, but so did Hernandez and he was AI managed :-s

  10. Fernando Torres....seriously this game is out of date these days

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