Moritz Leitner - Dortmund

  1. Moritz Leitner - Dortmund

    Name: Moritz Leitner
    Club: Dortmund
    D.O.B: 08/12/1992
    Nationality: German/Austrian
    Position: Attacking Midfield

    • agility
    • acceleration
    • flair
    • creativity
    • technique
    • passing
    • first touch
    • long shots
    • dribbling
    • crossing
    • free kicks

    • strength
    • stamina
    • concentration
    • finishing
    • decisions
    Description: Midfielder
    Personality: Balanced

    Suggested Roles:

    Attacking Midfield - Attack

    Touted as the next Günter Netzerwho was considered to be one of the greatest passers in the game's history.


    Moritz Leitner - Dortmund-moritz-leitner-profile_-attributes-.pngMoritz Leitner - Dortmund-moritz-leitner-profile_-personal-.pngMoritz Leitner - Dortmund-moritz-leitner-profile_-positions-.pngMoritz Leitner - Dortmund-moritz-leitner-reports_-scout-reports-.pngMoritz Leitner - Dortmund-moritz-leitner-history_-career-stats-.png

  2. This is what he looks like in my save:

    Moritz Leitner - Dortmund-moritz-leitner-profile_-attributes-.png

  3. looks pretty good

  4. just started a Benfica save and have got this kid on loan, he's a amazing the number of killer balls he plays is off the scale. Definitely recommend him,

  5. this is from Fm11 but I am Dortmund and he is coming along nicely great player! might be quite expensive to buy though! he starts off as a Wonderkid!

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