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Suso - Liverpool FC.

  1. Suso - Liverpool FC.

    I've used Suso a couple of times for Liverpool in the first season, Didn't do much due to his age and lack of experience.

    Just wondering if anyone is in the year 2014/2015 and if he becomes a top player? as scouts predict.

  2. hes okay but not as good as thaigo from barca or cannales from madrid those two seem to be the better spanish MC's

  3. I have only once got him to a good standard. He is a bit of a late bloomer. He also needs a lot of game time. I have also sold him in other games to barca for around £7m.

  4. With the proper training, Suso is gonna be real good. Canales is gonna be better though.

  5. He's stupidly good on my save. I mean STUPIDLY good. Been at Liverpool his entire career so far, don't expect him to move on since they just got took over. Didn't break into the Liverpool first team till 15/16 so hes something to work on for sure.

    Suso - Liverpool FC.-screenshot1.jpgSuso - Liverpool FC.-screenshot1.png
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    Send him out on loan deals, trust me this man becomes somthing special. I got the Liverpool job when he was about 23-24 and he was absolutely epic for me.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by LFC-Danny View Post
    TeamTom, is he the captain? Looks like a solid investment if you could sign him for another team. I've tried a few times but can't seem to get him.
    Yes Suso is the captain.

    Quote Originally Posted by LFC-Danny View Post
    Also, how are Vaclav Kadlec & Connor Wickham getting on
    Suso - Liverpool FC.-screenshot6.pngSuso - Liverpool FC.-screenshot3.pngSuso - Liverpool FC.-screenshot5.pngSuso - Liverpool FC.-screenshot4.png

    I did upload some pics of their stats but they don't seem to have worked :/

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