FM11 Tactics Fully Tested

  1. FM11 Tactics Fully Tested

    Some of you will remember I did this for FM10 to try and find the ultimate tactic.
    I have created a database comtaining a 26 team tactic tesing league in England, one of these teams is Tactic Tested FC a team which I have created to test the various tactics against the best other 25 teams in England. I have filled the Tactics Tested FC squad with a group of players all with a current ability of 140 and given them at least 3 players for each position, I feel this will provide a very fair testing format.
    I will start by testing the FM11 default tactics, I will then go on to test the FM-Base custom tactics in the order of most downloaded first, so if you have a tactic you would like testing please upload it to FM-Base and I will try to get to it in due cause.
    I have now tested all the FM11 default tactics with some interesting results, I will now start to test the Custom tactics starting with the most downloaded first, I will however only test tactics with a minimum of 1000 downloads as it is very time consuming.
    I hope you will find this thread helpful.

    Current Leaderboard
    ParkThePlane v2 (Eds-99) Points 88 GD +29
    4.4.2 Won Everything with Tottenham (razibabi) Points 88 GD +24
    4-2-3-1 The dreams come true (kEEkos) Points 88 GD +23
    4-4-2 Diamond (FM11 default) Points 82 GD +29
    AV. 4.5.1 S_C_W_A (Sir Noom) Points 82 GD +15
    Onox 4-3-3 Total Football v4 (Onox) Points 80 GD +17
    4-2-3-1 (FM11 default) Points 78 GD +4
    Mike's 4-2-4 Inside Attacking V2.0! (Mike) Points 77 GD +4
    Mike's 4-2-4 Inside Attacking tactic (Mike) Points 76 GD +6
    JP WOODY V5 (JP Woody) Points 74 GD +6
    Arsenal Tactics (The Beautiful Game) (royalmart) Points 73 GD +10
    14 & 0 Played 14 Won 14 (triplezoney) Points 73 GD +9
    GHOST TACTIC V3 (Zero Sea) Points 72 GD +5
    4-4-2 (FM11 default) Points 70 GD +6
    Alvin's Style (maxalv) Points 70 GD 0
    4-1-2-3 Many Goals Solid Defence (doru228) Points 69 GD -8
    Complete Dominance (Mr Hough) Points 68 GD -1
    4-2-4 Winning Trashing (Terence Lee Jilong) Points 68 GD -5
    ParkThePlane v1 (Eds-99) Points 67 GD -7
    Villas Boas tactic (Miguel G.) Points 66 GD -2
    4-3-1-2 (FM11 default) Points 66 GD -6
    4-2-2-2 (FM default) Points 66 GD -6
    Chris' Arsenal 4-2-3-1 Points 66 GD -15
    4-6-0 (FM default) Points 66 GD -19
    4-1-3-2 (FM11 default) Points 65 GD +9
    4-1-2-1-2 (FM default) Points 65 GD +5
    3-4-3 (FM11 default) Points 65 GD -3
    4-3-1-2 Arsenal (Gustavo Bittinger) Points 64 GD -18
    4-3-3 (FM11 default) Points 63 GD -6
    5-3-2 (FM11 default) Points 62 GD -7
    4-2-3-1 Asymmetric (FM11 default) Points 61 GD -3
    5-4-1 (FM11 default) Points 61 GD -15
    General Manchester United (JK) Points 60 GD 0
    SANTON 4-3-1-2 WINGERS (SANTON) Points 60 GD -3
    Onox 4-3-3 Total Football v5 (Onox) Points 59 GD -3
    3-6-1 (FM11 default) Points 58 GD -4
    Goals Galore 2011.3 (koflok) Points 58 GD -21
    4-1-4-1 (FM11 default) Points 56 GD -10
    4-5-1 (FM11 default) Points 55 GD -22
    3-4-3 Diamond (FM11 default) Points 55 GD -23
    SEXY TACTIC (Betis) Points 55 GD -28
    Al's 4-2-3-1 'Pass and move (Alex) Points 54 GD -14
    4-4-2 Strong Defence (Jackle) Points 54 GD -16
    4-1-3-2 Solid Attack (Juve YB) Points 54 GD -18
    My Unbeatable Barcelona tactic (Adam 24) Points 54 GD -22
    4-3-2-1 (FM11 default) Points 51 GD -28
    Dinamo 4-1-2-1-2 WIN ALL!!! (Klasnic17) Points 50 GD -15
    4-2-3-1 Deep (FM11 default) Points 50 GD -22
    .AV. 4-4-2 the GLADIATOR (Sir Noom) Points 48 GD -29
    3-3-2-2 (FM11 default) Points 48 GD -35
    Jorge Jesus Style (Motadarkside) Points 45 GD -34
    4-4-1-1 (FM11 default) Points 39 GD -43
    3-5-2 (FM11 default) Points 38 GD -46
    3-2-3-2 (FM11 default) Points 33 GD -43
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM11 Tactics Fully Tested-tactics-tested-information_-league-table-.png   FM11 Tactics Fully Tested-tactics-tested-fc-tactics-tested-fc_-players-.png   FM11 Tactics Fully Tested-tactics-tested-fc-tactics-tested-fc_-players-2.png  

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  2. Very nice and interesting idea, I will be absolutely closely studying this thread ^^

  3. It was a good thread last year (especially as i won it ) but the games only been out half a week

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JP Woody View Post
    It was a good thread last year (especially as i won it ) but the games only been out half a week
    I know mate thats why I am doing the default tactics first.

  5. Tactic: 3-2-3-2 (FM11 default)
    Played: 50
    Won: 7
    Drew: 12
    Lost: 31
    Scored: 45
    Conceded: 88
    Goal Difference: -43
    Points: 33
    Shots: 401
    Shots on Target: 141
    Red Cards: 5
    Yellow Cards: 62
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM11 Tactics Fully Tested-tactics-tested-information_-league-table-2.png  

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Will1981 View Post
    I know mate thats why I am doing the default tactics first.
    Fair enough, although most default tactics suck ass.

  7. I actually like to see how defaults do because I feel like after the 80's si has not done anything to them and they are totally useless. I have always wondered why they are there because this game has pretty deep learning curve and for new players it would be very helpful to give them some tactics that can provide decent result as long as the squad is compatible but honestly I dont think this is the case with default tactics. For me they only makes things worse because when you cant win with them its easy to blame other things in team config and setup like training, assistant, blending, morale, player ability etc. Luckily Ive learned from past experience that they are useless so my guess is that all default tactics will finish on bottom end of the table and can not even closely compare with decent custom tactics.

    Oh and for all new FM players, do dont sell your top class players that cant perform with default tactics, its not the player

    I like this thread very much already.
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  8. Tactic: 3-3-2-2 (FM11 default)
    Played: 50
    Won: 14
    Drew: 6
    Lost: 30
    Scored: 47
    Conceded: 82
    Goal Difference: -35
    Points: 48
    Shots: 336
    Shots on Target: 131
    Red Cards: 3
    Yellow Cards: 48
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM11 Tactics Fully Tested-tactics-tested-information_-league-table-.png  

  9. #9
    really good idea here. Would frequent this page a lot I supposed KUTGW

  10. Tactic: 3-4-3 (FM11 default)
    Played: 50
    Won: 17
    Drew: 14
    Lost: 19
    Scored: 56
    Conceded: 59
    Goal Difference: -3
    Points: 65
    Shots: 523
    Shots on Target: 180
    Red Cards: 3
    Yellow Cards: 36
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM11 Tactics Fully Tested-tactics-tested-information_-league-table-.png  

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