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Tactics & Training: The " I have a small question " thread

  1. Is there a preference wich attributes (Mental, Technical ou physical) should i focus when the players is 15 to 18 years? and from 18 beyond? thank you

  2. mb any1 can share me good corner kick (defending) tactic? this is f**ing shameful, i consede 40-50% from the corners. every corner kick for me just like a penalty

    i hate Tactic Creator for limited options in Free kicks setup. it's impossible to make my tall player to stay near and far posts. i tried a lot of combinations, but i can't setup it how i want
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  3. Still need defending corner tactic.

    1 thing, what i really hate in FM 11 is a corner kicks

  4. Quote Originally Posted by narkidarki View Post
    Still need defending corner tactic.

    1 thing, what i really hate in FM 11 is a corner kicks
    Hi, narkidarki

    I use next defending corner tactic in 4-2-3-1:

    DR and DL - man mark
    DCL and DCR - mark tall player
    2 Centre Mid (MC or DMC)- man mark (need all-round mid with good marking and tackling)
    CF and AMC - stay forward (or 2 CF stay forward)
    Winger Left - mark near post
    Winger Right - mark far post
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  5. hi, thank you, i tried this variation, but for this set up i should have 2 centre mids, what tall and good in the air.

    sometimes, unfortunately my centre mids are 175-180 cm, and sometimes only DM can mark.

    AI beat this , 2 his tall players get instruction: go forward (on this instruction they just staying in the middle of the penalty area, draging 2 my DC what following instruction to mark them). another 1 tall player go to "attack far post" or "attack near post", where he covered by my DL or DM/MC, what in 70% chances ends with amazing shot on or off target.
    this is very random, sometimes my DC cover tall players in dangerous zones, sometimes not.

    i made research, and find, what half goals from corners AI scores from far post. ~30% from near post.

    and i deside to find solution, how to make my dc ALWAYS stay near far post and near post.

    and i find it.

    Game understand command "go back" in count from the right: first go 2 fulbacks, or wingbacks, next DCR, DCL, after it MCR, MCL and etc. Example for better understanding, everyone go back in 4-4-2:

    knowing this algorithm easy to stick players what i want where i want.

    this is what i use now in my 5-3-2

    P.S after week testing: this setup works very well! Players NOT sticked to opponent player, they guard zone, what i want from them. They focus on the ball, not on the player behind them. This more intellegent method work, and you dont need world class players for it (i play LLM in Scottland now), you dont need a lot of tall players, enough to have 2-3. I concede from corners only after this stupid deflections, or my defenders failed to intercept the ball (very rarely).
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