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My Messi Barcelona Tactic
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  1. My Messi Barcelona Tactic

    Initially I was trying to replicate barcelona's real life play style/tactics (not like anyone ever does that) High possession, short passing, closing down etc etc

    The results however were not like barcelona, I didnt get the high possession but loads of goals scored, very few conceeded and Messi has been unreal.
    (Make sure to look at the messi print screen)

    Formation/ Tactics

    As some of you may notice I play with alot of width. This is because in real life barcelona's FBs create the width for the team and their forwards come infield this is why I play with three strikers.

    Now on to the reason I made this thread...


    David Villa

    Some noticable results

    Tactid Download Link
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  2. Looks good pal

  3. LFCMarshall's Avatar LFCMarshall
    • LFCMarshall's Avatar
    • Quote Originally Posted by Jamie92 View Post
      Fantastic update, seriously it's quite amazing how much time and effort you have put into this. Premierleague is 99.99% perfect IMO!
      Quote Originally Posted by peskybendben View Post
      Another phenominal update there LFC! Simply outstanding, and by far the most complete and comprehensive update on the web today! I think I speak on behalf of everyone on this forum, when I say a huge thank you for this!
    Liverpool. YNWA.
    Looks good.. and thats a quality goal tally with messi! well done

  4. When made you select cut inside for Messi?

  5. you use target man or playmakeR?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by donkarlito View Post
    When made you select cut inside for Messi?
    if you mean what... it was because he does it in real life..

    Quote Originally Posted by Rieglachel View Post
    you use target man or playmakeR?
    For what?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by HBQ View Post
    if you mean what... it was because he does it in real life..
    My bad didnt notice spelling mistake its just that he's in the centre of pitch already so ?

  8. He tends to drop of the frontline to create a diamond formation. sometimes he ends up on the right/left.

  9. Alienman
    Manchester United First Team
    I'm glad its not just another tactic trying to imitate Barcelona, but just something you had some great success with. Those really are some intense numbers with Messi, props to ya.

  10. patch?

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