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TEAM THREAD: Playing Tottenham - A Tactical Discussion Thread

  1. TEAM THREAD: Playing Tottenham - A Tactical Discussion Thread

    The aim with this first team thread is basically so that users can both give and ask for for hints as how to coach Tottenham and most important, their squad in 11.3. Before posting, please have a look through the thread as the question might already have been raised and the solution or at least a suggestion might lie under your very nose.

    As we all know, the game is not only about tactics, setting up a strategy that suits the clubs stature and matching the players abilities, but also about man handling. If you have a question or a tip on how to handle a certain player, this is just as important. This is often a part that is forgotten

    what about signings them, is this not something that we should discuss to ?. Well yes, any recommendations about players are most welcome. Perhaps the reason that user struggle with spurs is that they lack a certain player type but in the end , this thread will still be a support thread to those playing with the 11.3 squad so hints and tips as how to play them in 2013/14 after having signed 8 new players might not be of any use to anyone

    To make this thread as in depth as possible, please try to follow these simple guidelines and hints

    • When asking a question, the answer will only be as in depth as your question
    - The more information you provide, the better the chance you will get a good answer with lots of reasoning
    • When posting your strategy, please put in the effort to explain your reasoning behind it
    - Why are you setting up Bale as a AML inside forward instead of a attacking Winger. Why are you using Defoe as a more limited Deeplying FC giving him the orders to play a direct game. Why are you using a very wide but short pitch. Just stating that it seems to work for me is rarely of any use to any user

    • When using Screenshots, make sure that the language is in English
    - Even if you like me are from Sweden, please make sure that when uploading screenshots, the language is in English. I have seen screens using polish and Russian and I did not get any of it, ont knowing if it was a creen for the attacker or the winger

    When posting your strategy, please put in the effort to explain your reasoning behind it

    Let the discussion begin

    Oh, and please dont forget to have a look in the stickie on how to make suggestions about threads for more teams as I will always be the one who opens them
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  2. Tottenham always do well in this game with the right tactics

  3. 1st season who to sell and who to buy?

    using jp's attacking 442

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