13 trophies in 4 years 442
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  1. 13 trophies in 4 years 442

    After struggling with finding a tactic that worked for me on 11.3 I set out to make a realistic tactic that would be exciting as well. As a warning I don't think this is a "Player X scored 14 billion goals in six matches" Type of tactic, it produces fairly realistic score lines and has been extremely successful for me. In four and a half seasons with Liverpool I have won 13 trophies, including the EPL 4 times and at long last the CL last season.

    Now for the screeny of the basic setup:

    As you can see it's a flat 442. Despite the attacking nature ( indeed the staring philosophy is attacking) the tactic has been extremely solid at the back. It's very simple, relying mostly on unmodified instructions. We want to play a very fluid short passsing game and dominate possession. For the most part I have seen possession around 55-60%, although occasionally in tough road matches that will dip. Some things have been changed such as long shots. Corner set-up is default, do what you will. Let's start up top:

    The forwards are a pairing of a Poacher on the left and a Compete Forward on the right. After a lot of tinkering this has seemed to be most effective. The left sider will hit the most goals on average in a year. Currently I have Aguero there and he has been bagging about one a match, but before him Kalinic had a respectable one in two average. The right sider is tougher to find you want pace, finishing, good mentals, and technicals as well. Suarez has played there and been very good. He may ot score as much as the Poacher but he is vital to the attack.

    The midfield is built around a advanced Playmaker on support duty (MCL) and a Ball winner on defence (MCR). The idea is the simple, The MCR destroys the opposition attack and the MCL transitions it to our attack. The MCR has been consistently getting good ratings and sometimes gets some lovely goals via late breaks into the box. The MCL has been somewhat ho-hum in the system. Not a ton of goals or assists but good ratings. His job is to transition to attack, not spearhead it. Out wide we've got two out and out wingers. They have been the focal point of the attack, taking to ball up the pitch at pace slamming in crosses, as well as making late breaking moves into the box and scoring goals as well. Hell, on the left side Adam Johnson won English Footballer of the year last year! Here's a screeny:

    We get alot of interesting goals from this set up, wether they be slowly built up through the middle attacks or lightning quick flank runs with the wingers crossing to each other.

    At the back it's simple, fullbacks on auto (pay attention to your starting strategy) with CB's and a normal keeper. I invested in defense first, but is always bee very solid.

    Other stuff: Team Talks I just use my head, tough away match use wish luck or we can win this, things like that. OI I fiddled with a bit and I think it works best with none. Pitch size is set to standard. I haven't used any shouts.

    Some more screens:

    Notice Ryan freaking Babel got their goal.
    This is my most recent result. They had no shots, no corners nothing.

    Feedback is welcomed.

    hopefully it will be up soon!

    I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but here's the mediafire link:
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  2. what match prep did you use with this mate ..? im goin to give it a go

  3. It's a bit odd that despite improving your team in the second season, the goals conceded in the league is very, very high for a title winning team.

  4. For match prep I did team blend until fluid, then attacking/defending movement based on performance.

    The second season I only conceded 18. But yes the first year we let 38, which given the quality of the defense I had that's not that bad. I brought in Alderwierld and Howedes before the second year which helped dramatically.
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  5. I'm quite puzzled about how your tactic is attacking, yet you won the league with 66 goals :L

    A point though, have you considered switching around your two central midfielders? I find that when i play a 4-4-2, I like to play my more attacking midfielder on the same side as the deeper forward. This means that the space between the two most important attacking players is shorter, allowing for more effective transition. In addition, changing the Complete Forward to a Support role brings him back a bit, making him a more integral part of the attack. Since you said yourself that the Complete Forward doesn't score as many goals as the poacher, there is no harm in changing the mentality of said Complete Forward. This also makes him a more of a "supplier". I used a similar tactic in a Man Utd save, using Rooney as the Complete Forward - Support and Hernandez - Poacher. Hernandez ended up scoring 33 league goals (52 in total) from Rooney's excellent support.

  6. In the season with 66 scored, I played the entire year on Standard mentality due to the poor squad. I also wanted to go for a more realistic approach, just for my tastes. In the current season we have 82 in 32, so we do attack more now.

    You make a good point about the CF, in this tactic the attack duty fits Suarez the best. With another forward support may be the way to go. That's a call I like to make based on the player. I like to put the playmaker on the same side with the forward that is furthest up the pitch be cause we end up with really nice triangle sets:


    Factoring in the wingers bombing down the flanks it gives more options when playing a possession game. You also get some great looking moves.

  7. That's a fair point and I'll try that out sometime. In my case though Hernandez often played on the shoulder of the last defender so that MCL-FL pass was rarely on. I switched the play to go through Rooney (considering his high stats) which allowed him to do his magic then play a lovely ball for whoever would be poacher. I think that your example works better with a Fluid mentality as the MCL becomes part of the attack in that "triangle". My example however is more suited to a Balanced/Rigid style of play since as soon as the FR gets the ball the MCR rarely drives forward, allowing for a more stable midfield without players roaming as much.

  8. You're absolutely right.

  9. Fantastic tactic!!!

    Fiste Season
    8W 2D 1L

    Millaneto MCE is very good!

    edit: i am Genoa-ITA

  10. Glad it's working, k3k3.

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