EduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker
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  1. EduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker

    This is my latest tactic and an evolution of my 4-1-3-2 Giantbeater, however it has evolved. It is now more attacking, better developed, and I’ve got rid of the pesky poacher and added in a False Nine-False Ten Partnership, so I name it the Giantmaker. The tactic is an attempt to create my 4-1-3-1-1, as put forward on my site, Tactical Visions. I advise you read the article if you want to see the tactic fully explained. It is a classic tactic with three different modes, base, scorer, and breath/hold.

    Download HERE!

    It has been tested in Spain,France, Germany and England and is currently being tested in Brazil,but I shall use results from my brilliant save with Freiburg to show my results:
    EduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker-bundesliga-information_-league-table-.pngEduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker-caio-history_-career-stats-.pngEduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker-sc-freiburg-freiburg_-fixtures-.pngEduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker-sc-freiburg-freiburg_-fixtures-2.pngEduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker-sc-freiburg-freiburg_-tactics-2.png

    The Players

    Important Attributes: Aerial ability, Handling, Reflexes,Command of area, One-on-ones
    Recommended Players: Maarten Stekeleenburg, Eduardo, KeirenWestwood

    Right Centreback-Stopper
    Important Attributes: Heading, Marking, Anticipation,Strength, Tackling
    Recommended Players: RolandJuhasz, Brede Hangeland, Kara

    Left Centreback-Cover
    Important Attributes: Positioning, Anticipation, Marking,Acceleration, Tackling
    Recommended Players: Daniel Carrico, Omer Toprak, AurelienChedjou, Ondrej Mazuch.

    Important Attributes: Crossing, Acceleration, Pace,Tackling, Marking, Stamina
    Recommended Players: Seamus Coleman, Leighton Baines, JohnArne Riise, Brian Easton.

    Defensive Mid-Anchorman
    Important Attributes:
    Tackling, Marking, Stamina, Strength,Teamwork, Good Heading is a bonus
    Recommended Players: Kara, Eyong Enoh, Leandro Somoza

    Left and Right Centre Mids-Carrileros
    Important Attributes: STAMINA, Passing, Decisions, Tackling,First Touch
    Recommended Players: Gaston Machin, Thomas Hitzlsberger, Olexiy Gai, A. Vanden Borre.

    Centre Mid- Box-to-Box Playmaker
    Important Attributes: Stamina, Passing, Decisions,Creativity, First Touch, Agility, Dribbling, Acceleration
    Recommended Players: Anton Putsila, Fernando Arce, Steven Davis

    Attacking Mid- False Ten
    Imporant Attributes: Acceleration, Agility, Dribbling,Flair, Creativity, Composure, First Touch, Technique
    Recommended Players: A.Diba, J Zambrano, Matias Fernandez

    Striker-False Nine
    Important Attributes: Dribbling, Creativity, Agility, Flair,Composure, Finishing, Pace, Stamina, Acceleration
    Recommended Players: Caio, V.Kadlec, C.Benitez

    Opposition Instructions
    1) All strikers and midfielders shown onto weaker foot.
    2)All strikers and wingers should always be marked tightly
    3)All central midfielders and wide midfielders always closed down, same for creative defensive midfielders
    4)Players with low bravery or high aggression should be tackled hard
    5) If there is a key playmaker such as fabregas in central midfield set him to be specifically marked by the Box-to-Box playmaker.
    6)Show all wingers onto their inside foot, e.g Right Winger shown onto left foot.

    Pitch Size: Standard

    Match Preparation
    To get good results must be implemented in preseason and used in around 7 friendlies with match preparation on ‘None’.
    From then on use ‘Team Blend’ if players are struggling to blend into the team until the day before matchday when set it to ‘Attacking Movement’ unless the team has conceded a lot recently in which case put it on a defensive setting in accord with the type of goals that are being conceded.

    When to use each mode?

    You should always start with the base version unless, you are two goals up on agg. and want to hold the lead. I switch to breath/hold on 80mins if you are 1 goal up, and as soon as you are 2 goals up. Scorer should be turned on if you are drawing at 75mins, and if you are losing at 65 mins., but ofc you can try whatever you feel works

    1. If playing against a team playing two strikers, make sure that the stopper CB is playing opposite the oppositions Target Man to prevent flick-ons
    2.If you have a midfielder with high long shots and decisions set his 'take long shots' from rarely to sometimes.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully downloading
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  2. Downloaded just now and next new save, i will use this and let you know how i get on

  3. Thanks, try it with a team expected around 15-20th and win the league, Freiburg are awesome

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    Woops, made a mistake when uploading the tactic, for all of those who have already downloaded the tactic could you re-download it, or increase the closing down of the MCL from midway to full. Don't know how I did it, updated now however.

  4. Are we supposed to assign playmaker and targetman manually, because both roles are ticked under team instructions?

  5. It's a classic tactic so you don't need to assign them, it does it automatically.

  6. just tried to download this tactic and its saying the link is broken ......

  7. works absolutely fine for me, just try again should work.

  8. not enough

  9. what?

  10. try it with anderlecht

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