Computer Performance and Speed

  1. Computer Performance and Speed

    I am not new to PC manager games E.G used to play CM back in the day but i am new to FM12 ... I downloaded FM yesterday and when setting up the new game i was given a 4 star computer performance rating and a 4 star speed rating .. Played the game for a few hours and the speed rating went down 3 stars .. Anyway earlier today i decided to start a new game and this time i was given a 2 star computer rating and 2 star game rating and i loaded the same number as leagues and database size as before .. I have not downloaded anything new onto my laptop so i dont understand how the star rating goes up and down like that .. Is is best to ignore the star ratings because they seem to go up and down at will or can you help me out with any info , help or reasons to why the stars are so low now .. Cheers everyone . My laptop is a Sony Vaio with 3 processors and according to space i have left on laptop there are 455gb available and i still have 407 left

  2. Harddrive isn't the issue. The issue will come from CPU and RAM more then likely. The Write speed of your harddrive can be an issue but you'd notice the harddrive getting slower as time wears on (Thing is, All Harddrives (The HDD ones) fail at some point. (Unlike those nifty SSD'))

    I can run 4 leagues in Asia, 3 in south America, 1 in Concacaf, South Africa and I think 12 European leagues (Each country with it's full league pyrimid) and get roughly 1.5 star for speed. But performance iirc always remains at 5 star for me. So I haven't noticed any deterioration and just looking now it runs about the same amount of leagues and players.

    Now Laptops are where it gets tricky. Are you sure that you loaded the correct pyramids as before (As in, you didn't load the BSP and BSN/BSS when you only went to L2 last time for english league). Are you sure your laptop is pretty much running at a high performance setting and not a power saving setting? is it plugged into the wall or are you using battery?

    What is your current Ram? (To find that just right click my computer and go to properties)

    Now it's quite possible the game didn't properly read your Laptop's specifications right the first time.

    Just to point out, My Laptop started with being able to run English, Spain and Italy leagues but now running just the EPL has half star for speed and performance is 2 star I think but it's old and has had alot of wear on it now.
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  3. well when you use fm close all the other programs,make sure that your pc isnt doing updates,and close gadgets so your computer has the maximum performance hope i helped

  4. 4.00 RAM AMD PHENOM 11 P820 TRIPLE CORE PROCESSOR 1.80 GHZ .. Have used same settings every time just seems weird how the computers performance can drop so fast in the space of less than a day when i didnt download anything onto the laptop .. I use a charger that goes in the wall to work the laptop ..

  5. cheers for the help

  6. More then likely then the game just mis-read your computer specs. The computer performance and speed shoulden't really be relied on as nothing more then a guess estimate.

    Try comparing your speeds to this: Football Manager 12 Benchmark Thread

    And then in a week or so, test it again and see if it's roughly the same speed or if their is a significant drop in your Laptop's performance.

  7. Prpblem is i dont wanna start a new game and put time into it ad then it goes ultra slow and is impossible to play . . How long will it last do ou think before it gets un playable with the settings i told you about ?

  8. no idea. I really don't play any long term games single player anymore. I actually play online with a few mates on an almost daily basis and it's them that hosts it. So the only issue I have is internet speed between Australian and England as the files don't save on my computer. Maybe someone can give you insight to that one.

  9. cheers for the help

  10. ive got 8GB of RAM, but im getting 0.5* estimated game speed...

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