i have just tried to load my blackpool save and its saying the game can not be loaded i am gutted
    can anybody help as i was flying top of the champ with 86% win ratio in league cup semi it has to be the most exciting game in a while and my most succesfull start to a game on fm 12 got the tactics spot on for my squad....


  2. mdcoz78's Avatar mdcoz78
    No mate it's [email protected]£"ed.
    It's happened to me no end of times. Its caused from closing the pc/laptop off too quickly. Also a corrupt save also.

    Go to settings before you start again and make sure you have a 3 rolling save files. It overwrites three saves every month so the most you lose is a month.

    You stay classy......

  3. ooo well suppose i will have to start again just cant see myself doing aswell this time its sods law...anyway thanks for the advice on future saves and i will be sure to give everything time to close down...

    the plus is i can try and sign some striker that was ripping up the champ for southampton called tardenari lee or somthing like that...

  4. Happend to me a few weeks back, just had to go back to an earlier save from months before.Gutted because I'd just signed Eden Hazard!!

  5. i stupidly only had 1 save as this has never happen to me before so i was always overwriting previous me thats the 1st and last time

  6. in my preferences are 3 roling save, but i cant find saves, there is only one save in my game folder. What to do?

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