Insane Ground Maintenance Expenditure

  1. Insane Ground Maintenance Expenditure

    Hi. I was holidaying Bundesliga for some experiment and I just saw this. Bayern Munich spent 45 last year for ground maintenance! Look at the 5/14 they did the same thing there too. Why the hell did they spent over 80 mil euros? I looked at their facilities and they didn't build a new stadium or expanded their current one (they have AA fffs) they are expanding their training and youth facilities though. But I don't think those would cost 45 mil euro.

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  2. I had the same as Cardiff City- i got a brazilian wonderkid sold for 41 mil, and then ground M. was lik 35m!!!! WHAT?!!!

  3. I had ground maintenance of just short of 14million in my first season.

    I think it was due to expanding the stadium, youth and normal training facilities

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