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Most undefeated league games?
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  1. Most undefeated league games?

    Which is the best result accomplished? How much games is the record for most undefeated league games (not in real life....I know it is Steua Bucharest with 100+ games)? I'm currently on 60 games undefeated with my Levski Sofia team so I'm little curious what is the record on Football Manager 12 ?

  2. Most undefeated league games?-uefa-europa-league-history_-records-.png

    Dunno about in the league mate but in the europa league I went 23 games without loosing and that with 16 games winning streak. Was all going well until Ajax beat me two nil.

  3. Just to show off

    Most undefeated league games?-11-12.pngMost undefeated league games?-12-13.pngMost undefeated league games?-13-14.jpgMost undefeated league games?-14-15.jpgMost undefeated league games?-15-16.pngMost undefeated league games?-undefeated-undesputed-heavy-weigh-champion-bulgaria.jpg

  4. got 66 undefeated games now with barcelona in 2020

  5. please note to all, this is for Fm12, not Fm13

  6. come one ???

  7. Most undefeated league games?-90.jpgMost undefeated league games?-900.jpg

  8. I did it. 100.
    Most undefeated league games?-100.jpg
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  9. Well done, mate - must be a monster of a squad you have had for the past few seasons. How have you done in the other competitions, and in Europe.

  10. Well first of all what can be called a success for a bulgarian club. In the first season I failed to qualify the team for the Champions League , but end up in the Europe League where I end up with 7 points on 3rd place behind Marseille with 12 and AZ 11 and Karpaty with 4 at the bottom. In my second season I had some success , but again in Europe League cause I failed to qualify the team in the last round due to away goals rule, but anyway I won my group with 12 points along with Spartak Moskow with 10, Aston Villa with 8 and Sparta Prague with 4.After eliminating Palermo, PSV I was stopped to my way to the final by Zenit again due to the away goal rule . In my third season I finally manage to quilify to the group stage of Champions League and like they say to be the best you have to beat the best. I ended up with German champion then Bayern Munich and the Spanish Champion.....Atletic Bilbao...I know shocking right... and the Holland champions FC Twente .In the end I was with 7 points just behind Munich with 10 and Athletic with close I was for upset,after that in League Europe I beat Galatasaray 2;0 at home and 3;0 away, and after that lost from Benfica 0;3 at home and end up with a draw 0;0 away.In the 4th season I had great success all year. I qualify to the group stage with 29 goals in the qualifying stage and then win 5 games in my group playing against teams like Chelsea Juventus and Vitesse scoring another 11 goals in this stage. But then I met again Bayern Munich in the knock-out stage and with two draws 1;1 away and 2;2 at home I was eliminated. In the fifth season I qualify directly to the groups stage due to the greater national rating I produce in the past seasons. Deadly duels agains Sevilla and Tottenham I end up 3rd with 8 points and continue to League Europe where I destroy Roda JC with 2;0 and 4;0 , after that I revenge to Zenit with 0;0 draw at home and 1;1 draw in Petersburg , just to lose two games against Sporting Lisbon with 1;0 away and 2;0 at home. Now in my 6th season I decided to change the strategy just a little bit because even If I could outscore almost any opponent I almost every time end up with receiving goals ,especially in Europe. So from Quick fast play a lot of through balls a lot of crosses average of 45-50 % possession a lot of running from the full back's cause I play 4-3-3 with an anchor for 5 years and I had great success like you see I'm currently 111 games undefeated in Bulgaria, I played brilliantly in Europe , but always received cheap goals from counter-attack and crosses.So in this 6th season I decide to play very narrow , to push the defence line a little bit and play with deep lying midfielder in the face of Borislav Tsonev(Whoever read this, Sigh this lad when he is young and give him the more as you can football time on the pitch cause it's worth it )one Box-to-Box midfielder and Central Attacking midfielder. I almost forgot...In the first 5 seasons my 4 defenders played very often through and cross balls and I changed that in the 6th season and I have to say when I did that possession in every game increased significantly from 45-50 % to 65-70 in every match except Europe. I created average about 30 shoots in a match , but I often win with 1 or 2 , very rare with 3 to 0. When I compare that with the previous seasons I think I will go back with quick play after this season cause even that I had a low possession and average around 10 shoots a match a often had victory's like 4-5-6 even in europe. I will give a chance of this system of play this year and will watch how it will develop in Europe because my main goal now is to have some success in Europe due to the lack of competition in the Bulgarian League. I won the Bulgarian League 5 times , The Bulgarian Cup 2 times , The Bulgarian SuperCup 4 times , Bulgarian Under 19th 4 times , Bulgarian Under 19 Cup 2 times , and NextGen Series 1 time !

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