Replacing Steven Gerrard

  1. Replacing Steven Gerrard

    I have recently beenapproached by Liverpool fc, and one of the first things that happened was steven gerrard saying he wants to retire who is a good CAM, aged 20-25?

  2. AMC you mean.. Christian Eriksen.

  3. Hamsik was a good replacement on FM12 mate

  4. I got Jack Wilshere for 25 million pounds. He's class!

  5. AlanM92's Avatar AlanM92
    Liverpool Rotation
    Erick Torres is a beast!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Fabio Borini View Post
    AMC you mean.. Christian Eriksen.
    They're the same thing.
    But yeah, Eriksen, Hamsik, Pastore, Isco, depending on how far in you are as well look at regens.

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