Simple question regarding player potential.

  1. Simple question regarding player potential.

    If a player's potential ability is very less can it be increased by good training,coaches and facilities. I have been playing this game a long time and i have a habit of discarding players just by looking at their potential ability without actually trying them out. So simple question can they improve and save us money or only option is to discard them as usual?

  2. From my experience a players ability and potential is only a guide to the quality of the player. I have seem many examples of poorly rated players doing very well for my team.

    I pay more attention to stats than ability/potential ratings.

  3. suppose i take a young free agent showing a half star rating and then train him,will he improve? Players with low ratings like mackie,marc wilson and other young low rated players can they improve enough to play in teams like arsenal,united etc. I am arsenal by the way

  4. I am tired of same wonderkids,same stars and expensive transfers and wages. Can't average players become world class through training. By average players i mean young players of mid table and bottom half teams. I want to work with them!!
    By the way i have also played with bottom teams to avoid relegation and stuff. Working with them means,buying them in top clubs and trying to win trophies.

  5. I don't see this as the case but I have to say doing the challenge of Bottom League to Top Flight of football, with only using homegrown players, (mainly from the club) it tends to give the best regens, I've had regens from BSP good enough for Champions of Europe etc. after a few seasons of just playing club homegrowns. "takes time, thou"

  6. i'm in my 4th season with Hereford who i started with in League 2. got promotion in 3rd season but some players who showed good potential when i started and are now my first team regulars are still showing good potential. ie they started of showing potential to play in league 1 now they are showing potential to play in championship. and against all my expectations after not wining in my first 7 games i now sitting comfortably in mid table with a 7 game winning streak!


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