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Sticking with FM2012

  1. Sticking with FM2012

    Is anyone else sticking with 2012 rather then moving on to the new version?

    To me 2012 seemed to be pretty much spot on, all I wanted from the new game were the new squads and a few tweaks to improve certain areas. Instead it seems to have been given quite a thorough overhaul, and in my opinion is worse for it. As the saying goes, 'if it ain't broke......'.

    I will stick to playing 2012, at least until the Jan window patch, but if things don't improve then and in 2014 I fear I could soon be an ex-FM player.

  2. fm13 > fm12....if you actually give it a chance and realise its not an easy game and it is challenging, just like real life
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  3. GO ON BLUMING FM13 IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm gonna be playing FM12 for a while alongside the FM13 demo, but only because I can't really spare the money at the moment and I still have unfinished business in the 2012 version anyway. After Christmas I'll probably be able to buy the full FM13 release.

    I'm still getting used to the new interface, but I don't have too many complaints about the match engine. It's frustrating to come out of 2 good games only to lose 5-1 (v Tottenham) in the next one, but I always feel like I must have screwed up the tactics somehow. So I analyse the game. What decisions did I make concerning tactics? Had I failed to anticipate the opposition's tactics correctly? Were there any in-game decisions I should (not) have made? Why did my plan not work? Often part of the answer is: because I'm still used to FM12, where for example opposition instructions almost always threw the tactics off balance. So I didn't use them in the 5-1 defeat against Tottenham (who were surprisingly 16th at the time). The next game against Man Utd I did use opposition instructions and we ended up being unlucky to only get a 1-1 draw (magic Rooney moment saved the game for Utd).

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