How much money did you get after the first season and throughout?

So me and a friend decided to do a new save He was going to be Inter, and I was going to be Malaga.
The plan was, we would try and get to a point where we both where the best in our leagues, and had to fight for champions league.

Anyway after a week of playing, we did our first season. Anyway, I spent around 35million or so, and probably sold around 15 or so. I had a really bad first season as I was trying out different formations etc, anyway, with about 10 games to go, I got the sack lol.

I took back over them, and with 10 games to go, I went to an old trusted formation I liked playing, and my results where a lot better, so I was positive thinking, new season, new start, and things will get better.

Anyway, chairman comes with the new budget for the season....I am offered 7,5million. I did not expect that at all :s....

I was thinking he would at least pump 30 or so million into the club. We have stopped for the night, so I cannot go any further, but does he put more money into the club soon?

The balance of the bank is about +£3 million.... Wages where so high with Toulalan and Joaquin etc.

Thanks for any advice