FC Halifax BSN to BSP

  1. FC Halifax BSN to BSP

    Afternoon,I ve just been promoted to the BSP in my first season, i was doing so well until the last 8 games, and eventually got promoted through the play offs. In the end this was alot better as i got a load of extra cash from gate receipts.The problem i have now is that they want the team to turn professional and have only been given an extra 2k wage budget, i thought id let all their contracts run down then sign them all when they are on a rolling month to month butall my backroom staff left the club, and 8 of my promotion first time decided to leave.My question is, whats the best way to perform the transtion from part time to full time, in the cheapest way possible.

  2. Had a similar thing happen while managing in the German third division. The board decided to slash ten grand off the wage bill so I ended up losing 19 players and staff as they refused to sign new contracts.

    The best thing to do is hire the essential backroom staff i.e. assistant manager, coach, gk coach, scout, physio and then look for free transfers, youngsters and loanees.

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