What do you do with players in their last year of contract who want too much?
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  1. What do you do with players in their last year of contract who want too much?

    I've wanted to ask this question for years. Not sure why I waited this long. As the title suggests, what do you do when you have players that you really like but want way more than what you can afford to pay? Do you try and sell them in the summer before their final contract year? do you try and sell them during the winter window? after the season ends but before they get an official release or do you simply let them run out and leave for free?

    I try to sell guys starting around the winter window unless they are too valuable in which case I keep them until the day the season ends and then try and see if I can get something for them. However, more often than not, I get NOTHING and they are released on a free.

  2. I try to always have young backups before hand. Then if I notice a player in that situation I try and get a immediate replacement and sell him. Else if I can't sell him I'll scout loan players to fill his gap whilst he's gone. Hope that helps.

  3. If the player is important for team and you can't manage to sign replacement / don't have replacement ready I usually keep player until summer window has passed and list him next day for twice his value. Usually teams come in for that and he will then move on january 1st. That gives plenty of time to find replacement and start negotiating for transfer.

  4. Thanks for the replies. Quasit, I am going to give that a try.

    The one thing that has always frustrated me about this game is when you transfer list these guys who want these huge salaries, or, better yet, offer them to clubs for a fraction of their stated value, and get no takers at all, that they don't then drop their salary demands. It seems that IRL, they and their agent would realize that there is no interest in them and would lower their demands. Oftentimes, these guys, after being released on a free, do not even end up on a team for an extended period of time and sign for way less than what they had been seeking from me.

  5. waiting for Jan window can be risky as the players value will decrease as he has only 6 months left on his contract and secondly a lot of clubs wont have any transfer funds available.

    i don't think its unrealistic at all there are plenty of players in EPL who are at their current clubs because none will pay asking price and/or they wont lower their wage demands. seems players are happy to see out their contracts even when they have no chance of playing as long as they get more money.

  6. If the player is demanding too much in wages then I will sell them on, nobody is irreplaceable.

  7. Absolutely right man! Sell the greedy bastard

  8. There is no player who cannot be replaced. For the older players if I cannot sell them in preseason I just let their contracts rundown and let them go on a free. The younger players are offered to other clubs (for a free but with strings usually in the form of a 25% of future sale clause) this doesn't always work but once the contract has ended without other teams coming in for them, and if I still feel they have something to offer they will accept much lower contracts. I will not be held to ransom.

  9. I had Rooney wanting 300k a week and the budget was not stretching far enough plus 20m+ in bonuses so I sold him and then 2 weeks later I got a tycoon takeover :-/

  10. I haven't got EPL stage in my 2012 save yet in L2 i offered a coaching job to a player/coach which he wanted a £1000 pw + salary. I negotiated but walked away at 900. a few weeks later i just see he's signed for another club for less than £300 pw! is the regular in FM 2012?

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