How can i train this Regen to be top form?
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  1. How can i train this Regen to be top form?

    Hey! I'm new here! I thought i was the only few amongst my friends whom play FM12 but there is a whole bunch of people here! Glad to share the love of this game!

    I kinda need help, i found a Regen that looks class so i bought him off for 2.4m from Velez
    I am playing Liverpool btw.

    So, I bought this Regen in 2014.
    Looks good, Only 18 and the Finishing looks class along with his Decisions and Determination
    Not sure about the speed though, he looks kinda slow.

    How can i train this Regen to be top form?-untitled.png

    Pretty neat i suppose? Sorry i am also quite new to FM so pardon me if i get lost.
    Andddddddddddddddd here is a report of him!

    How can i train this Regen to be top form?-untitleds.png

    Shows that he can play to a similar level as Messi!

    But can i have your opinion on how you would train him? I appreciate any help you guys would give me! And thank you

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    I take it you are Argentina manager as well as Liverpool? Cant think how you could get Messi for Liverpool in 2014 without using the editor!!!!

    As for training him I would just go by the coaches recommendations but I would give him plenty of game time and get him tutored by a few players also and watch him go!!!

  3. Actually i'm a Spanish English Manager managing Liverpool. Editor? Ah, i think i should do that instead of sending him on loan. Thanks alot

  4. this guy looks pretty awesome already make sure whoever tutors him has similar or higher determination. i think just playing him in a few games and he'll be off.

  5. well since his is already 20 it ill have to be someone with similar i guess

  6. Is Suarez a good tutor? He is the only striker i got actually....

  7. i dont remember suarez having a determination of 20 and so if you're gonna let suarez tutor him, his determination is almost certain to drop so i wont do it if i were you. just play him more regularly, let him gain experience and it'll be fine.

  8. Ahh, thanks for the advice~

  9. But, how do i improve on his Acceleration?

  10. Individually train his composure, that's all he's lacking behind a bit of pace.

    If you aren't going to play him then loan him out to a team that'll he'll be a valuable first team member for, or keep him around and tutor him with an older player with the same or very similar personality.. If the tutor's Determination is less that 20 his will drop slightly.

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